TCDD Playground Drug Slot

TCDD garden drug shelter Substance addicted youth use cannabis and similar substances in the garden in front of her eyes during the day ... The State Railways guesthouse garden, which has been in the city of Diyarbakır and has not been used for 10 years, is almost drunk and drug use. [more…]

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No obstacles if there is railway (Special News)

If there is a railway, no obstacle. High-speed train projects, which will provide great convenience in transportation for the disabled, are literally expected by the disabled, and TCDD will be able to meet the needs of disabled citizens on the existing high-speed train lines. [more…]


Karabük will be the center of rail systems

Karabük Rail Will Be Center of System Karabük, TCDD, NW and production in KARDEMİR collaboration, testing, and will be the center of the rail with the investments made in training ... Karabük, Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Karabük University (KBU) and Karabük Iron [more…]

istanbul trams
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Istanbul's First Transportation Vehicle

The first transportation vehicle of Istanbul is the horse-drawn tram: The horse-drawn tram was put into service on September 3, 1869 by Konstantin Karopana on the Azapkapı Ortaköy line, followed by ten different lines that were later put into service. [more…]


TCDD Announced

TCDD made a statement that Employees Will Not Be Made Overtime According to Article 399 of the Decree Law No. 30, overtime wages paid per hour in the amounts specified in the Budget Law, published in the Official Gazette No. 21.12.2012 dated 28514 [more…]

Ataturkun wagon and white train
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Atatürk's Wagon and White Train

Atatürk's Wagon and White Train: Atatürk's Wagon Used in Dormitory Trips (Atatürk's Wagon, White Train) - The only unique example of the White Train that Atatürk used during his country trips (1935-1938); Ankara Garda “Liberation [more…]

marmaray map
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History of Marmaray Project

History of the Marmaray Project. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will inaugurate Marmaray, a 283-year-old dream, in 150 days. Metin Tahan, Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, said in a statement regarding the Marmaray Project, the investor was [more…]

Intercity Railways

Çorumun Railway Request to be forwarded to the Prime Minister

Çorum's Demand for Railway Will Be Delivered to Prime Minister AK Party Çorum Deputy Cahit Bağcı said that they will meet with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the railway shortage, which is thought to be the primary problem of the city. In his written statement, Bağcı said that the Prime Minister as AK Party Deputies of Çorum. [more…]


The railway passes through Tirebol

The railway, which is planned to be built on the Black Sea, which will pass through Tirebolu, continues to make new developments and explanations every day.In this context, the head of Giresun / Tirebolu Harşit Valley railway platform, Sedat PİR, made some statements. Railway platform chief PIR [more…]

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Students Travel to IETT's History

Students Journey to the History of IETT The exhibition titled “Journey to History-IETT with Photos” created with black and white photographs selected from the IETT archive met with the students. The exhibition entitled "Journey to History - IETT with Photographs" featuring black and white photographs that have attracted great interest in places where they were exhibited before [more…]

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When I slept in the Metrobust I heard

I was scolded when I slept on the metrobus. I am a student at Marmara University. I use the metrobus on my way to and from the university from my home. The day I have been sitting on the metrobus for about 2 years does not exceed 15 days. Because wherever I see a lady, I don't see it as old or young, [more…]