34 Istanbul

Hijaz Railway Documentary (Video)

Hijaz Railway Documentary Hijaz Railway, II. It was built by Abdülhamit in 1900-1908 between Damascus and Medina and is a part of the railways of the Ottoman Empire starting from Istanbul. At the beginning of the technical works of the railway was the German engineer Meissner. 2666 in the construction of Hejaz Railway [more…]

Exclusive news

Rayhaber Twitter (Special News)

Rayhaber Twitter 1 With the number of tweets exceeding 10.000 per year, our website, which provides instant news on railways and rail systems, has reached the number of followers exceeding 2.700. www.rayhaber.com news on our site exceeded 11.000 and 20 has become an annual news archive. To this news [more…]

16 Bursa

BUDO made its first voyage (Video)

BUDO did the first time established by the Municipality of Bursa BUDO, made its first flight to Stone. Istanbul and Bursa Budo, which will be sold in tea cents 50 IDO competitors in the line and the first week will be free. Bursa Transportation-Bulk for providing sea transportation between Bursa-Istanbul [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway Line Is Arriving In Siirt

Railway Line Coming to Siirt Center Siirt deputy Osman Oren; For information on the current situation of the railway between Metin TAHAN, the General Director of Infrastructure Investments, and Kurtalan-Siirt, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 22 [more…]