Ahmet Emin YILMAZ: Seaway made Mudanya and railway Balat the new attraction center

The development of maritime transportation between Istanbul and Bursa turned the eyes of housing and real estate marketing in Istanbul to Mudanya and Burgas. Balat, where luxury residences have risen in recent years, has become a new attraction with railway and Bursa Train Station.
It has caught your attention… Recently, Istanbul-based housing and real estate marketing companies are making special evaluations about Bursa and its surroundings in the real estate supplements of the newspapers.
First times…
Industry-related recommendations on the highway route was remarkable.
It is observed that the evaluations about Mudanya and its vicinity have increased.
In addition to the comments of Istanbul, the new living areas as well as easy sea transportation thanks to Mudanya attention is drawn.
İDO's fast ferry and İDOBÜS, as well as the sea bus services to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is now preparing for the final stage of the BUDO sea bus transport is considered as an alternative transportation convenience for Istanbullu.
With friends in Mudanya sohbet They said that some well-known housing companies from Istanbul have recently been looking for suitable land in Mudanya and Burgas, especially near the pier.
The expectation is:
“New residences to be built in Mudanya and Burgas will be marketed primarily in Istanbul.”
At present, we know about the presence of those who work in Mudanya and around Istanbul but they have few numbers. This number will increase due to the ease of maritime transportation.
This is why the region has become a new center of attraction for Istanbul's housing need. Even when the weather is in opposition due to the weather, Mudanya-Istanbul sea transportation is an important privilege.
Those who note that more time is spent going from one place to another in Istanbul, they care about the attraction that comes by sea.
A similar situation applies to Balat.
Balat, where luxury housing areas have been developed recently, is becoming a new attraction center in the house because of the location of Bursa Railway Station in the railway project.
It is not only a dwelling, it is also becoming an attraction center for rail commercial areas for Balat and its surroundings.
In short…
Bursa, now known for its life into its own life until recently, became an alternative to Istanbul and became an alternative.
This is Bu
Both the Metropolitan Municipality and the Mudanya Municipality need to treat the new situation when planning housing areas.

Source: Olay Newspaper

Günceleme: 28/03/2020 04:15

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