34 Istanbul

3. Bridge Project Evaluation Report

Bridge Project Evaluation Report: The branches of the bridges, which have started to take their place in history with the tree branches they have laid in rivers in order to cross the streams on the way of the people living with nature, have steep slopes and [more…]

16 Bursa

First Examination for Gear Train to Uludağ

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that they are working to implement the cog train project for Uludağ, and that they attach importance to this project in order for Bursa to be a special city. It will start from the cable car and extend to Uludağ Çobankaya. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Rigging for Marmaray Bored Piles

Marmaray is a suburban line improvement project consisting of three parts, the foundations of which were laid in 2004 and the construction continues, which will connect the European and Asian sides under the Bosphorus. Marmaray is a Eurotunnel-like train in the English Channel. [more…]