Cost of Some Light Rail System in Turkey

light rail system costs
light rail system costs

📩 09/04/2023 18:19

Turkey 'project issued by some well built Light Rail System "in costs is as follows. Costs are in Euro, Dollar, Mark and Frank and are categorized in the table below.

City Hat distance Total cost Cost of 1 (one) km
KAYSERI KAYSERAY 17,8 km 100 million euros 12,7 million TL
Samsun Gulf-Republic 17,5 km 156 Million Dollars 14,2 million TL
Samsun Inner City HRS 15,7 km 105 million euros 15,1 million TL
GAZIANTEP Ünv.-Sign-TCDD 10 km 150 Million Dollars 23,8 million TL
ISTANBUL Kadıköy-Hare I-Eagle 22 km 352 Million Dollars 25,4 million TL
ANTALYA Kepezaltı-Central-Square 11,1 km 300 million TL 27,3 million TL
BURSA Bursaray 17 km 546 million Mark 37,3 million TL
KONYA Konulaş 18,5 km 475 Million Dollars 40,8 million TL
ISTANBUL Aksaray-Airport 20 km 550 Million Dollars 43,7 million TL
ISTANBUL Üsküdar-Altunizade 11,5 km 400 Million Dollars 55,3 million TL
ISTANBUL Otogar-Bağcılar 4,5 km 173 Million Dollars 61,1 million TL
ISTANBUL Bakırköy-Beylikdüzü-Hunters 21 km 815 Million Dollars 61,7 million TL
ISTANBUL Aksaray and Yenikapi 700 mt 28 Million Dollars 63,6 million TL
ISTANBUL Goztepe-Ümraniye 5 km 200 Million Dollars 63,6 million TL
ISTANBUL Tepeüstü-Samandra 9,5 km 400 Million Dollars 66,9 million TL
ADANA Adana 13,3 km 596 Million Dollars 71,2 million TL
ANKARA Ankaray 8,7 km 549 million Mark 73 million TL
ISTANBUL Kartal-Kurtköy Airport 9,6 km 450 Million Dollars 74,5 million TL
IZMIR xnumx.aş Game 11,5 km 600 Million Dollars 82,9 million TL
ISTANBUL Galata-Pera 573 mt 179,5 million Frank 108,3 million TL


1) The calculation of the costs of Light Rail System is based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank in the date of 20.05.2011.

Since the 2 year, the German currency ist Mark ”and the French currency“ Frank i have been replaced by the EU currency UM Euro X.

3) For the German Mark when the EU currency is converted to Euro; 1 Euro = 1,95 Mark for French Franc; 1 is based on Euro = 6,55 Frank.

4) The cost of foreign currency in the light rail system is translated into Turkish Lira.



  1. It means that the love of knitting with Izmir ironworks comes from here "spent?" take a look at the money. Is it expensive because it is stage 1, with a much higher cost per km than others, is the land structure too bad, or is it so expensive just because it goes underground? I would be glad if someone gives information. Knowing a citizen will encourage good governance.

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