34 Istanbul

Shock and stop in Taksim Metro

It was reported that a woman fell on the rails in Istanbul Taksim subway. The woman allegedly committed suicide, allegedly stopped metro runs. WOMEN'S WEDDING was reached Taksim Rail on the tracks of a young woman falling under the train remained. Event on notice [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir has returned from the tragedy İzmir

Thanks to the insensitive managers of Izmir, the people of İzmir became afraid of going out. You get on the public buses, the bellows will split in half, the brakes will explode, you're scared. If the ferry boat sinks in the middle of the sea concede concessions… İZBAN to ride the two remain on a path! [more…]


Can Turks make ”Tram Türk?

I wish we could ask the title question as ”Spacecraft” instead of the tram. Now the old age for the car, we can produce domestic en can not produce için babayiğit. Some fellow candidates adhere to the economy of the business; economies of scale in automobile production [more…]



Tender Registration Number: 2012 / 137315 1 - Administration a) address: KADI BURHANETTIN MAH. 58059 b) telephone and fax number: 3462251818 / 1708-4699 - 3462235051 c) e-mail address (if applicable): tendency@tudemsas.gov.tr ​​2 - Subject of the tender [more…]

35 Izmir

TCDD to İZBAN to support the engineer

MACHINERY OF TCDD MACHINE With the start of the crisis of business quit, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, İZBAN General Manager Sebahittin Eriş and Deputy General Director Sönmez Alev İZBAN gathered an extraordinary meeting in the headquarters of İZBAN. İZBAN Board of Directors [more…]

35 Bulgaria

TÜVASAŞ Produces a Test Crisis in Bulgaria

Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) bearing produced for Bulgaria was allegedly experiencing problems in the shipment of cars. According to the information received, the speed tests of the wagons were not made because the orders were kept at the customs. SPEED TESTS Not Done TÜVASAŞ ex-General Director İbrahim [more…]