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Trade Unions Launched Joint Communiqué on Privatization of TCDD (Special Report)

For the purpose of restructuring the TCDD, a draft law has been prepared under the name of liberalization under the name of temsil Privatization in and özelleştir Union te, gerçek Foundation adı and adı Association eyi representatives established in TCDD. TURKISH TRANSPORTATION-SEN, BTS, TRANSPORTATION-BUSINESS, DEÇEV, DEMARD, DEMOK, PUBLIC-ENDER, DEKAD, DEMMEGAD, DETEVAD, [more…]


Tender Announcement: Tender for the Infrastructure and Superstructure Works of the Load Center Planned to be Temporarily Temporarily in the Position of Şenyurt-Mardin Stations

RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE AND SUPERSTRUCTURE WORKS WILL BE CONSTRUCTION TCDD 6. REGIONAL DIRECTORATE Şenyurt-Mardin Between Stations Sekidüzü Mevkii Klm. 11 + 115-12 + 825 Temporary Planned Load Center between the Infrastructure and Superstructure Works needed for the construction of the construction [more…]

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Escalators in Avcılar Metrobüs Station

Avcılar Metrobus Station was brought to the escalator, but 1 can not be operational for months. The elevator is not working well. The elderly and the disabled cannot reach the station. You know işt When the Metrobus line was extended to Beylikdüzü, some arrangements were made in Avcılar station. Morning evening never missing [more…]


Rail Systems Workshop in Karabük

Karabük University N 1. International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop Ray Dr. Bektaş Açıkgöz Conference Hall, the workshop; Karabuk Governor İzzettin Küçük, Kastamonu Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, General Director of State Railways Süleyman Karaman, KARDEMİR Board of Directors [more…]

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Istanbulites pay attention!

In a written statement made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the second phase of Avcılar-Kuruçeşme underpass construction will start on 13 October Saturday. Eşme Around Avcılar Şükrübey Metrobüs Station, Denizköşkler District (Reşitpaşa Street) to the south of D-100 and Gümüşpala District to the north of D-100 (Kuruçeşme) [more…]


TULOMSAS should be moved to another place

TÜLOMSAŞ is one of the oldest and largest public institutions in Eskişehir. It was established as a Railroad Factory many years ago. Years later, he became autonomous. First the name was ELMS, then TÜLOMSAŞ. It was outside the city in the years it was built. Close to the train station [more…]