06 Ankara

Fast train speeded up

The work of the High Speed ​​Train Project has accelerated. A construction site was established under the Adnan Menderes Bridge and a feverish work was initiated. Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project has been accelerated. Employees setting up a construction site under the Adnan Menderes Bridge, [more…]


Konya's first tram will arrive after 480 days

The 60 company participated in the tender for the 6 tram with the Metropolitan Municipality, while the tender bids of the companies will be valid for 180 calendar days, ie during the 3 month. According to the tender specifications published by the Metropolitan Municipality, the delivery time of the trams is as follows: [more…]


In History Today: 20 October 1957 Simplon Express, collided with a motorized train near Edirne Tarih

20 October 1885 According to the news in Ankara Province Newspaper, the people of Ankara requested the railway with the petition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the petition they submitted to the Sultan. 20 October 1921 After the Ankara Agreement with the French, the Ulukışla-Mersin line was opened. Pozantı - Nusaybin line operating rights to French [more…]