High-speed train works in the new city started
06 Ankara

An Overview of High Speed ​​Train

The construction of the “Tokaido Shinkansen”, considered the world's first high-speed train, started in 1959 in Japan and was completed in 1964. This train, which runs between Tokyo and Osaka, aims to accelerate to 200 km per hour. [more…]


Turkey Representative Becomes A Estrada

Metropolitan organized by the Municipality "Rail Line Engineering and Maintenance Seminar" to attend the Turkey over the coming Eskişehir Railway Systems related work is my Estrada their observations representatives of municipalities [more…]

10 Balikesir

Balıkesir is becoming a logistics center

The logistics center established in Balıkesir will have a transport capacity of 1 million tons. The products produced in the region will reach Europe and Asia from here. State Railways invests in logistics as much as it invests in rails. It [more…]

35 Izmir

"Domestic Goods" Warning to the Rail System

Nuri İmren, the general manager of Safkar, one of the most important mobile air conditioning systems designer and manufacturers in the sector in Europe, said that foreign companies that make rail system projects should fulfill the domestic production requirement. [more…]


1 Billion Dollar wagon factory corruption

Dates 16 September 2006 Marmara CR2 contractor Eorotem, the partner of Hyundai Rotem Company, laid the foundation of the high-speed train factory in Sakarya. On behalf of EUROTEM, which will produce wagons for Marmararay, the factory foundation was laid. [more…]

Eskisehir tram line

About Eskişehir Tram Line

Eskişehir Tram Network is the transportation network in Eskişehir consisting of two lines and a total of 26 stops connecting the two universities of the city. The total line length is 15 km. By UITP (International Public Transport Association) [more…]


Railway professions (Conductor)

Conductor (Level 4) national occupational standard 5544 numbered Vocational Qualification Authority (VQA) Law and the Law on Meslek Preparation of National Occupational Standards çıkart and “Vocational Qualification Authority Sector Committees uyarınca [more…]