06 Ankara

An overview of the high-speed train

An overview of high-speed train A small overview of its history The construction of “Tokaido Shinkansen”, which is considered as the first high-speed train in the world, started in Japan in 1959 and 1964. [more…]

10 Balikesir

Balıkesir is becoming a logistics center

The logistics center established in Balıkesir will have a carrying capacity of 1 million tons. The products produced in the region will reach Europe and Asia from here. State Railways as logistic as investment in rails [more…]

a total of

What is High Speed ​​Train?

High speed train is a railway vehicle that provides the opportunity to travel faster than normal trains. 200 km / h on rails furnished with old system, 250 on rails furnished with new system [more…]

Eskisehir tram line

About Eskişehir Tram Line

Eskişehir Tram Network is a transportation network in Eskişehir consisting of two lines and a total of 26 stops connecting the two universities of the city. Total line length is 15 km. UITP [more…]


Railway professions (Conductor)

Conductor (Level 4) national occupational standard "Regulation on the Preparation of National Vocational Standards" issued in accordance with the Law referred to by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) numbered 5544 and [more…]