34 Istanbul

Mecidiyeköy metro stop closed

A nightmare in Mecidiyeköy, literally. As if the pedestrians' lack of life safety was not enough, they now faced a bad surprise. They were shocked when they saw the metro station, which was closed on the road to go to work, was closed. [more…]

65 Van

Abalı Ski Center Summit Cafeteria

Van Gevas Governor Yusuf Day, Abali Ski Center 2. stage with the construction of a cafeteria for the citizens of the summit said they had done. Information about the ongoing works related to the facility following the attack on Abalı Ski Center [more…]


RayHaber 08.10.2012 Tender Bulletin

Tender for the purchase of 43000 pieces of 6 mm AM 1600 BU type complete pantograph material to be used in E 51 type locomotives. Tender for the work of removing, squeezing and loading 64.800 small materials on wagons Kaynarca Metro Project Construction and [more…]


Cableway and Ropeway Technology

Aircraft carrying people and cargo on a wire stretched between two points. Ropeways are established between the points where road and railway establishment is difficult and costly in industrial enterprises or human transportation. Sand with the cable car, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Approach of the Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge

In the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was reported that the street was closed to vehicles and pedestrian traffic at 24.00 for the establishment of the steel construction scaffolding of the "Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge" under construction within the scope of "Metro Construction Works between Istanbul Metro Yenikapı-Unkapanı." [more…]

07 Antalya

Cable car is not domestic goods

Reacting to the tender for the Italian company Leitner, the tender for the Ropeway, Escalator and Band Project, which was leased by the ALANYA Municipality for 20 years, Felicity Party (SP) District Organization Vice President Hüseyin Sarıca said, “The cost of the approved project is 18 million TL [more…]

TCDD Passenger Transport Map

70 percent of Turkey's railway network has been renewed

70 percent of Turkey's railway network has been renewed: International High-Speed ​​TCDD General Director Karaman Speaking at the seminar, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of up to 2023 thousand kilometers in 10, YHT, said they would carry out the construction of conventional lines 4 thousand kilometers. Karaman, [more…]

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