16 Bursa

Trams work in Bursa at night

In Bursa, work continues day and night in order to complete the sculpture-Garaj tram line in a short time. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who examined the works that are at the stage of completion on Darmstadt Street at night, said that during the works on Stadium Street. [more…]


A person was hit in Kayseri by a tram

In Kayseri, a person hit by the tram was injured and taken to the hospital. According to the information obtained, E.P, 41, in the incident that took place between Cumhuriyet Square and Düvenönü tram stops. While crossing the road, going in the direction of Organized Industry [more…]

the izbe
35 Izmir

Crisis Overcame İZBAN Strike Ended

It has been reported that the crisis has been overcome in the İZBAN incidents, which broke out in İzmir yesterday morning and 13 mechanics decided to strike. It was stated that the number of expeditions was reduced to 15 minutes. It has become the symbol of urban transportation in İzmir. [more…]


Test crisis in TÜVASAŞ

It was claimed that there was a problem in the shipment of the sleeping wagons produced by Türkiye Vagon Sanayi AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) for Bulgaria. According to the information received, it was stated that the orders were kept at the customs due to the fact that the speed tests of the wagons were not carried out. SPEED TESTS ARE NOT PERFORMED [more…]

Intercity Railways

Raybus to Karabük

One of the issues that will contribute to the economy of Karabük and support the economic and social development of Karabük is to provide easy and cheap transportation from Karabük to neighboring provinces and districts and settlements. Rail systems are generally cheap [more…]

banning the strike
35 Izmir

There Has Been Softening in İZBAN Crisis

There was a positive development in the evening hours in the crisis initiated by the mechanic, maintenance technical department employee and station officials who made a stoppage in İZBAN. Leaving a job in İZBAN due to low wages and disagreement in the collective agreement [more…]