09 Aydin

The Enlightenment of the Enlightenment

Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Cableway Line, commissioned by Aydın Municipality in 2009, but whose operations were stopped twice, was put into service again. After being built by Aydın Municipality, 2009 discontinued its activities in March. [more…]


"Domestic goods" warning to the rail system

Safkar General Manager İmren: ”Foreign companies that buy the tenders should be warned to fulfill the condition of using domestic goods stipulated in the tenders” ”Building an assembly facility is not in line with the spirit of localization” Tolga Albay – Europe's [more…]

34 Istanbul

Reaction from CHP to New Metrobus Lines in Denizli

CHP Denizli Central District President Ömer Yurtseven claimed that the city's transportation rent was marketed to Turex and said, "The AKP municipality, which treated Turex as a stunner and the minibus shopkeepers as a beating, now deserved a whopping slap." said. of Denizli [more…]


Konya tram will make ring to stadium

Speaking at the ceremony of laying the foundation of the new stadium in Konya, President Akyurek, today is a very important turning point in transportation in Konya. Today, there is a tender for Konya rail system and tram. Many important companies from the world [more…]