Escalators not working in Ankara Metro Stations

walking stairs in ankara metro stations
walking stairs in ankara metro stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality recently made a written statement about the escalators that do not work in Metro stations.

In a statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, ALO 153 Blue Table, especially on the rise of complaints from social media on the escalator was explained why the escalator does not work.


Ankara Metro, ANKARAY and Teleferik total 508 escalators, elevators, disabled platform, escalating information that includes the Metropolitan Municipality, hand bands and chains reported that the escalator malfunction due to break.

It was noted that the repairs of escalators were made by using spare parts in the stocks of the company or the municipality that signed the maintenance contract in the previous periods and the following information was given:

“Although the routine implementation is the case, in the last maintenance-repair agreement covering the period of January-September of 2019, these two items were planned to be supplied by EGO General Directorate and were excluded from the scope of the agreement. However, the supply of hand bands and chains manufactured abroad and which could take two to three months to import could not be provided due to the previous period. There are 6 types of hand bands and 7 types of chains in Ankara Metro. In addition, the length of each of the stairs is different, and the hand band and chain sizes vary. Therefore, the current problem is not the lack of maintenance, but the difficulty of supplying spare parts under the contract made in the previous period. ”


28 in order to overcome the problem after the mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş took office, the new tender was announced in August. X 1 after the tender In the new agreement which is valid as of October 2019, it is stated that the materials should be supplied by the contractor company.

Supplied spare parts have been installed on the escalators that have failed since October 5. From October onwards, 2019 will be installed as quickly as possible in relation to the contractor's labor capacity ratio and our problems will be resolved. We apologize to our citizens for the grievance experienced in this process. ”

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