Unlimited Fun with the iPhone X

Unlimited Fun with the iPhone X
Unlimited Fun with the iPhone X

One of the best-selling mobile phone models produced by Apple, Iphone x offers you unlimited entertainment possibilities. You can easily buy these devices that stand out with their high resolution and processor speed. We have examined the features of the iPhone X smart phones on cimri.com in general terms for you.

Wide screen

Screen size is an important factor in choosing a mobile phone. Watching videos and playing games on the wide screen gives you an advantage. The screen size of the iphone X smartphone is designed to be 5.8 inches. These phones with OLED screen technology have a sensitive touch feature. The iPhone X, which prioritizes the screen quality with its Full HD feature, provides you with great convenience.

Quick Charge Feature

The iPhone X, with a battery capacity of 2716 mAh, came to the fore with its fast charging feature. You can carry these devices that you can easily charge anywhere and charge them in a short time. The device charges without contact with the wireless charging feature. In this way, you can charge your phone in a more hygienic way. Total talk time is set at 21 hours, and you can keep your device on for long hours with a little charge. The iPhone X is charged in as little as 30 minutes and you can start using it directly. In this way, you save time.

High Definition Camera

The camera of smart devices is important for taking pictures. The iPhone X has a 12 megapixel camera and is suitable for selfies. At the same time, you can shoot HDR and get unlimited photo opportunities. You can use the camera with face detection and voice command features for landscape or portrait shooting. These devices, which provide panoramic view and take photos at a wider angle, are resistant to heat. It also focuses automatically and reflects the sharpness precisely on the photo.

Game Monster

Standing out one step ahead of its counterparts with its powerful processor, the iPhone X plays all newly released mobile games. In addition, thanks to the powerful processor, the games are played smoothly and there are no problems such as freezing or tearing. Game settings can be made on the phone and the screen resolution can be edited in the settings section of the device. The iPhone X mobile phones are easy to maintain and clean. You can choose the color model you want and provide it easily.


The Right Decision for a Gift

If you want to gift your loved ones a smart mobile phone on special occasions, you can buy and gift the iPhone X smart mobile phones. You can make gift packages with different color alternatives to choose from. The iPhone X mobile phones have high memory so files and data can be stored permanently. At the same time, you can make internal memory external storage thanks to the iCloud feature. You can store videos and other files and run them again.

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