Heartwarming Train Journey Starts From Soma
45 Manisa

Heartwarming Train Journey Starts From Soma

TCDD General Directorate of Transport, Turkey Coal Enterprises, Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Post Office to the needy citizens and the Ministry of National Education in the school building and began the delivery of coal. On Friday, August 28 [more…]

Announcement of SCT Regulation for Automotive by OYDER!
34 Istanbul

OYDER's SCT Regulation for Automotive Explanation!

Murat Şahsuvaroğlu, Chairman of the Board of Automotive Authorized Dealers Association (OYDER), said, “We wish that the SCT tax base and rate regulation for automotive, which entered into force on 30 August 2020 with the presidential decree, will be beneficial for our entire industry.” [more…]

Who is Chadwick Boseman

Who is Chadwick Boseman?

Chadwick Aaron Boseman (born November 29, 1976 – died August 28, 2020) was an American actor. Boseman is in South Carolina as the child of Carolyn Leroy Boseman, both African American. [more…]