Pride Day at Erciyes High Altitude Camp Center
38 Kayseri

Erciyes High Altitude Camp Center to Host the First Tournament

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç brought a breath of fresh air to Erciyes, which has taken on a completely different identity with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality, and the kick-off of the first tournament in the "High Altitude Camp Center", which was brought to life with his instructions. [more…]

16 Bursa

The Target in Bursa İnegöl is Healthy Urbanization

Continuing its work with the aim of healthy and modern urbanization in the 17 districts of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated its efforts to open zoning roads in the new region where approximately 150 thousand population will live in İnegöl. Infrastructure at every point of Bursa [more…]

Countdown has begun for TEKNOFEST Festival
27 Gaziantep

Countdown has begun for TEKNOFEST Festival

The countdown has begun for the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST), which will be held under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation. At TEKNOFEST 2020, which will be held for the third time this year in Gaziantep [more…]

green-energy-used in eschar-stations

Green Energy is Used in Eşarj Stations

Eşarj, Turkey's leading electric charging station network, in which Enerjisa Enerji has a majority share since 2018, once received the International Green Energy Certificate (IREC), taking its innovative perspective and pioneering once. [more…]


2020 YKS Preference Results Announced! YKS Placement Results Inquiry

In line with the preferences received from the candidates according to the results of the 2020 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS), the central placement procedures for the 2020-YKS higher education programs have been completed. In the statement made by the OSYM Presidency; “According to the results of the 2020 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) [more…]

35 Izmir

17 Percent Hike for İZBETON Workers

A collective bargaining agreement covering 750 workers working within the body of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality company İZBETON was signed. The wages of the workers were increased by 17 percent. Organized at work with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality company İZBETON [more…]

35 Izmir

Turkey's first Alsancak Train Station

Alsancak Station is the main train station of TCDD located in Konak district of Izmir. The station, which was put into service as Punta Station in 1858, is the second oldest train station in the country after Kemer Train Station. Today [more…]