Google maps profile follow

Google Maps Tracking Feature Added

A feature that turns Google Maps into a social network was released by Google yesterday. This feature, which allows users to follow each other and share their locations, is a feature that completely changes the Google Maps experience. No longer [more…]

Who is fatma girik

Who is Fatma Girik?

Fatma Girik (born 12 December 1942, Istanbul), Turkish actress, former politician. He was born in Istanbul. She graduated from Cağaloğlu Girls' High School. It was directed and scripted by Seyfi Havaeri, who had his first leading role in 1957. [more…]

Who is Hakan Balamir

Who is Hakan Balamir?

Hakan Balamir (born: Balamir Tavacıoğlu; born 1945; Istanbul – died July 4, 2017; Istanbul) is a Turkish film actor. Hakan Balamir, one of the sought-after actors of the 1970s, was a soldier in childhood. [more…]