86 China

Chinese Wagons to Be Used on UK Railways

Chinese railway manufacturer CRRC Shandong had ordered 71 wagons ordered by the London Underground to be used in refurbishment and maintenance of wagons. The first wagon of this order was delivered with a ceremony today. Shipment of the first batch last month [more…]

39 Italy

Maserati New Engine 'Nettuno'

Maserati is adapting F1 technology to super sports road cars with its newly developed engine Nettuno. The innovative motor, manufactured by Maserati engineers and technicians and protected by international patents, produces 7500 HP at 621 rpm, and 3.000 Nm from 730 rpm. [more…]

Million people joined the vodafone gift card

9 Million People Attended the Vodafone Gift Lottery

The raffle organized by Vodafone for the renewed “Gift Wheel” platform was concluded. More than 9 million people participated in the draw, which was also open to other operator users. In the lottery, where participants were offered the chance to win gifts worth 3 million TL in total, 5 people were given a BMW [more…]

Ten permits for lemon exports Removed

Pre-Permit Requirement Removed in Lemon Exports

During the pandemic process, the export restriction on lemon, whose consumption increased and the kilogram price increased to 18 liras, was lifted with the decision published in the Official Gazette. Hayrettin Uçak, Chairman of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, with the decision published in the Official Gazette on April 7. [more…]

At Metro Istanbul Capital
34 Istanbul

At Metro Istanbul Capital 500

Metro Istanbul, carried out by the monthly business magazine Capital, Turkey is ranked the largest 500 private companies "Capital 500" took part in the research. Monthly carried out by the economics magazine Capital Turkey is ranked the largest 500 private companies "Capital 500" [more…]

A new unit will be established for orphans and orphans

A New Unit Will Be Established For Orphans and Orphans

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that a new unit will be established within the General Directorate of Child Services in order to provide better quality service to orphans. Minister of Selcuk, "the only unit to be established for the first time in Turkey [more…]

turkiyenin my arrival automobile group or briefly tOGGer
16 Bursa

About Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group Brief Or TOGG

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group, or simply TOGG is an automobile manufacturer company based in Turkey. The company will launch the first vehicle in 2022. Turkey decided to work together in order to produce the domestic automobile companies and organizations in the area in November 2017 President [more…]

The walking staircase in the adnan menderes upper pass will be closed
41 Kocaeli

Escalator at Adnan Menderes Overpass Will Be Closed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is building the “Pişmaniyeciler Square” in the center of the city for “Pishmaniye”, which is the symbol of Izmit. The escalator in the Adnan Menderes Overpass for Izmit Pismaniyeciler Square, which was started in the area where the old fishermen in the Community Center were located, [more…]

The year of administration was celebrated with enthusiasm
34 Istanbul

IETT's 149th Anniversary Celebrated With Enthusiasm

The 149th anniversary of IETT, which has been carrying passengers for 149 years in Istanbul and the architect of many firsts in our country, was celebrated with enthusiasm. Turkey's first, world's second subway, an historic event held in front of the tunnel IETT General Manager Alper knowledgeable, IETT Executive Vice Presidents [more…]

they saw the railway project to the command
67 Zonguldak

They Discussed the Railway Project to Coal

TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager and Chairman Kamuran Printer, the logistic warehouse in the town of Zonguldak trip Çatalağzı, Turkey Hard Coal Authority and the Station Headquarters, and finally President of Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce visited the Iron Text [more…]

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