39 Italy

Maserati New Engine 'Nettuno'

Maserati is adapting F1 technology to super sports road cars with its newly developed engine Nettuno. Produced by Maserati engineers and technicians and protected by international patents, the innovative engine produces 7500 HP at 621 rpm. [more…]

Ten permits for lemon exports Removed

Pre-Permit Requirement Removed in Lemon Exports

The export restriction on lemon, whose consumption increased during the pandemic process and whose kilogram price increased to 18 lira, was lifted with the decision published in the Official Gazette. Hayrettin Plane, President of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association, 7 [more…]

At Metro Istanbul Capital
34 Istanbul

At Metro Istanbul Capital 500

Metro Istanbul, carried out by the monthly business magazine Capital, Turkey is ranked the largest 500 private companies "Capital 500" took part in the research. It carried out by Turkey's 500 largest monthly economics magazine Capital [more…]

The walking staircase in the adnan menderes upper pass will be closed
41 Kocaeli

Escalator at Adnan Menderes Overpass Will Be Closed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is building Pişmaniyeciler Square in the center of the city for Pişmaniye, which is the symbol of Izmit. Adnan Menderes for Izmit Pişmaniyeciler Square, the construction of which was started in the area where the former fishermen were located in the Community Center. [more…]

The year of administration was celebrated with enthusiasm
34 Istanbul

IETT's 149th Anniversary Celebrated With Enthusiasm

The 149th anniversary of IETT, which has carried passengers in Istanbul for 149 years and is the architect of many firsts in our country, was celebrated with enthusiasm. Alper, General Manager of IETT, participated in the event that took place in front of the historic Tunnel, Turkey's first and the world's second subway. [more…]

Who is Monir Ozkul

Who is Münir Özkul?

Münir Özkul (August 15, 1925, Istanbul – January 5, 2018, Istanbul), Turkish mediator, theater and film actor. Life Münir Özkul graduated from Istanbul High School for Boys. He started his art life in 1940 when he was still a high school student. [more…]

Who is halit akcatepe

Who is Halit Akçatepe?

Halit Akçatepe (born 1 January 1938; Üsküdar, İstanbul – died 31 March 2017), Turkish actor. Born in Üsküdar, Istanbul on January 1, 1938, Akçatepe attends primary school at Refik Halit Karay School. [more…]