Internet journalism training started in my booth
16 Bursa

Internet Journalism Trainings Started at BUTGEM

'Internet Journalism' trainings, organized in cooperation with BUTGEM operating under the umbrella of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Education Foundation, and Bursa Internet Journalists Association (BURSA IGD) have started. In the training that will last for 3 weeks, the trainees, [more…]

A tir park was built inside the erdek bus station
10 Balikesir

TIR Park Built Inside Erdek Bus Station

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality built a truck parking lot inside the existing Erdek Bus Terminal in order to prevent the traffic jam due to the trucks carrying cargo to the ships docking at Erdek Port and to solve the parking problem of the trucks. Balikesir [more…]

New term in high school placement system

New Era in High School Placement System

Mahmut Özer, Deputy Minister of National Education, wrote about the transformation in the high school placement system for a newspaper. Özer said, “At least 2021% of the students placed without an exam in 60, and at least 2022% in 70, [more…]

children meet at summer camps

Children Meet at Summer Camps

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services brought together children and youth who benefit from social service models in summer camps this year. In cooperation with the Ministry, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Presidency of Religious Affairs [more…]

Who is Metin Serious

Who is Metin Serezli?

Metin Serezli (12 January 1934 – 10 March 2013) Turkish actor and voice actor. He studied at Istanbul University Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Journalism Institute, Faculty of Letters, Art History Departments. Istanbul in 1954 [more…]

Who is Nevra Serezli

Who is Nevra Serezli?

Nevra Serezli, real name Nevra Şirvan (born 9 August 1944, Ankara), is a Turkish actress and voice actor. Wife of Theater Artist Metin Serezli. After graduating from Robert College, she studied theater in the USA. [more…]