Renewed Jeep Compass in Turkey

Renewed Jeep Compass in Turkey

Compass, the talented compact SUV model of Jeep, the brand of freedom, passion and adventure lovers, has been renewed. Environmentally friendly petrol and diesel engine options added to the existing engine range and powerful [more…]

About the ancient city of Troy
17 Canakkale

About Troy Ancient City

Troy or Troy (Hittite: Vilusa or Truvisa, Greek: Τροία or Ilion, Latin: Troia or Ilium), Hittite: Wilusa or Truwisa; A historical place at the foot of Mount Ida (Ida) [more…]

about odunpazari houses
26 Eskisehir

About Odunpazarı Houses

Odunpazarı Houses are historical houses from the Ottoman Period in the Odunpazarı district, which is the first settlement of Eskişehir. They carry architectural features and motifs in places such as Safranbolu, Beypazarı, Göynük. UNESCO [more…]

hasankeyf history and story
72 Batman

Hasankeyf History and Story

Hasankeyf is a historical district that is connected to Batman, separated by both sides of the Tigris. The history of the district goes back to 12.000 years ago. Natural protection area was declared in 1981. of development [more…]

about nemrut mountain
02 Adiyaman

About Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut, Turkey Located in the city of Adiyaman is a mountain 2.150 meters high. It is located in the Taurus mountain range, near the Ankar mountains, near the town of Kahta. By UNESCO in 1987 [more…]