06 Ankara

Right At That Moment Photo Contest Canceled Due To Kovid-19

“Right At That Moment 1st International Eastern Express Photography Contest” was canceled due to the suspension of train services within the scope of pandemic measures. The statement made by TFSF is as follows: “Under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, hosted by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, AFSAD and [more…]

44 Malatya

TCDD Tasimacilik General Manager Yazıcı Continues to Visit Workplace

TCDD Tasimacilik General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı and accompanying executives continue their workplace visits affiliated with the establishment with Malatya Regional Directorate. The delegation headed by the General Manager Yazıcı, within the scope of the regional tour, received information from the managers about the activities of the workplaces in the Malatya Region. [more…]

33 Mersin

Studies to Improve Mersin Traffic Continue

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continues its efforts to improve Mersin traffic throughout the city. The Metropolitan Municipality, especially the streets and boulevards where traffic is heavy, signaling, traffic sign and [more…]

19 Corum

Renovated 23 Nisan Intersection Opens to Traffic

Çorum Municipality had recently started to work on a different intersection at the 23 April Junction, which became useless with the completion of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Street. With the feverish and day and night works ending at the weekend, the intersection of the citizens [more…]

34 Spain

SEAT's 70 Years Exclusive Car Collection

Spanish car brand SEAT celebrates its 70th anniversary. In this period of time, it has also produced special cars for celebrities, special occasions or just authentic inventions. Here are the cars included in the "SEAT Heritage Collection" ... The world's important automobile [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 17.08.2020 Tender Bulletin

 Cleaning Service Will Be Taken Restoration and Landscaping of Adana Station Building Wooden Sleeper will be Purchased Similar News:RayHaber 03.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 06.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 07.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 08.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 09.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 10.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber [more…]

26 Eskisehir

Is TÜLOMSAŞ Land Sacrificed For Rent?

Turkey's first car "revolution" in the implementation of Eskisehir Traction Workshop and tactics TULOMSAS land tender for the practical development plan study. National Vision Leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan led by the idea of ​​Turkey's first car "revolution" in the implementation [more…]


5 Dangers for Children on Vacation

Sun, sand, sea and fresh air provide great benefits for the physical and psychological development of children. Our children are away from electronic devices such as phones, computers and televisions, and they can discharge their energy in a healthy way. Also the whole family [more…]

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