34 Spain

SEAT's 70 Years Exclusive Car Collection

Spanish automobile brand SEAT celebrates its 70th anniversary. During this time, he also produced special cars for celebrities, in memory of special occasions or just for authentic inventions. Here it is in the “SEAT Heritage Collection” [more…]

26 Eskisehir

Is TÜLOMSAŞ Land Sacrificed For Rent?

Turkey's first car "revolution" in the implementation of Eskisehir Traction Workshop and tactics TULOMSAS land tender for the practical development plan study. National Vision Leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, Turkey's leadership made the idea [more…]


5 Dangers for Children on Vacation

Sun, sand, sea and fresh air provide great benefits for the physical and psychological development of children. Our children not only get away from electronic devices such as phones, computers and televisions, but also spend their energy in a healthy way. [more…]