Sarajevo Tram Map
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Sarajevo Tram Modernization Tender

Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo tram modernization tender has been concluded. Tender for the 8,5 km tram between Ilidza and Museji by the Sarajevo government financed by the European Union loan (EBRD) [more…]


Who is Zeki Alasya?

Zeki Alasya (born April 18, 1943, Istanbul - Date of death May 8, 2015, Istanbul) is a Turkish theater and film artist, originally from Cyprus, born in Istanbul. Cypriot [more…]


Who is Şener Şen?

Şener Şen (born December 26, 1941, Adana) is a Turkish actress. He was born on December 26, 1941 in Adana as the son of Ali Şen, who was a carpenter at that time. [more…]


Who is Metin Akpınar?

Metin Akpınar (born November 2, 1941, Istanbul), Turkish actress. He was educated at Pertevniyal High School. He then graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law and Faculty of Letters. [more…]


Who is Müjdat Gezen?

Müjdat Gezen (born October 29, 1943), Turkish theater, cinema and TV series actor, poet, teacher. He established the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. since November 2007, UNICEF Turkey [more…]


Who is Uğur Dündar?

Uğur Dündar (Date of birth 28 August 1943; Akören, Silivri), Turkish journalist, news programmer. Dündar was born on August 28, 1943 in Akören village in the Silivri district of Istanbul. [more…]