Governor Akbıyık Investigated at Hakkari Ski Resort

governor made observations in akbiyik hakkari ski resort
governor made observations in akbiyik hakkari ski resort

Governor Akbıyık Investigated at Hakkari Ski Center; İdris Akbıyık, Governor of Hakkâri, visited the 2.500 elevated ski area and 4 meter new piste area completed at the 3500 altitude Ski Center.

Governor Idris Akbıyık, visited the Ski Center which is located approximately 12 kilometers from the city center. Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Reşit Güldal met by the Governor Akbıyık, where the construction of the completed four-chair lifts and the new investments will be made about the information received from the concerned.

Governor Akbiyik made a statement to members of the press in the ski resort, said; Uz We create an artificial lake in the ski resort. I hope this place will bring both winter tourism and summer tourism. We also have a hotel project here. Special Provincial Administration made the tender. With 150 beds. I hope this project will be completed until 2 year. The Hakkari ski resort will be an important ski resort for those from Iraq and Iran as well as the surrounding provinces. ”

Our Governor Mr. Idris Akbiyik stated that the ski center was opened a month before the normal season and closed a month late; “Therefore, it is an important opportunity for ski lovers and winter tourism. This year, ski lovers will be able to ski on a longer runway using a more comfortable ski lift. I hope that this development of Hakkari, development and development of other values ​​along with mountain tourism and faith tourism are expected to make an important contribution. Then Governor Akbıyık, staff here in the task of wishing convenience.

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