BALOSB will develop not only Balıkesir but also the region

balosb will not only improve the region
balosb will not only improve the region

Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone was the 21 stop of the Common Mind Meetings. The meeting was held in partnership with Turkishtime and Halkbank and moderated by Şeref Oğuz. Founded in 1977, BALOSB plays an active role in the region's economy with a total of nearly 110 factories and 13 employees, including the 123 factory, which is currently in production and the 9 factory, which is currently in the project and construction phase.

21st “Common Mind Meetings” organized by Turkishtime and Halkbank in organized industrial zones was held in Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone (BALOSB). At the meeting, moderated by journalist Şeref Oğuz, the potentials, problems and measures to be taken of Balıkesirli industrialists and BALOSB were discussed.

The Common Mind Meeting; Şeref Oğuz (Turkishtime Meeting Moderator), Mehmet Volkan Sayım Halkbank SME Marketing 1 Department Head, Hasan Ali Eğinlioğlu (BALOSB YKB V. / Eğinlioğlu Group YKB), Alper Akça (İşbir Elektrik R & D Director), Barış Sağlam (Milano Wood Veneer) YKB), Ferudun Celik (Fer-Celik Ambalaj YKB), Gokhan Unlu (Dericiogullari Construction Materials GM), Gursel Othergengil (Isbir Synthetic Weaving GM V.), Hüseyin Bekki (Beksan Nail Wire Machinery YKB), Hüseyin Finis (Tinaz Agri ve San. YKB), Kaan İhsan Sarıbekir (Sarıbekir Packaging Executive Committee), Sami Ünal (Kalekim Chemical Materials Balıkesir Md.), Selçuk Savaş (Savaşlar Installation YKB), Sinan Yırcalı (Balıkesir Electromechanical YKU), Yasin Çakar Ecosynergy Elect. UR. Gn. Md.), Yılmaz Sarıhan (Anar Metal YKB), Mehmet Ali Aşuk (San. Ve Tek. Provincial Directorate), Gökhan Sümer (Halkbank Balıkesir Div. Co.), Mesut Eray BALOSB Div. Mardin., Koray Urgun (Balıkesir 2. OSB Md.) And Filiz Özkan (Turkishtime YKB).

the locomotive of Turkey's economic and commercial life in the center of Balikesir Aegean and Marmara regions, was particularly affected by the recent positive public transport investment and thus increased investor interest in the city. Istanbul - Izmir highway and 1915 Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge projects; He made Balıkesir the most important city of the Marmara commercial ring.

BALOSB is rising with the increasing transportation possibilities!

570 percent of BALOSB's current 99 hectare area is used by the participating companies and there are no empty parcels as of the point reached. For this reason, additional expansion works were initiated in Balıkesir OIZ. At the end of the expansion process, the new 570 hectare area will be added to the existing 776 hectare area and the width of the region will be increased to 1.346 hectares. Thus; Adequate industrial area will be created for new participants planning to produce in BALOSB due to the high level of industrial saturation and investment costs in neighboring provinces such as Gebze, Kocaeli and Bursa. With the completion of the process, the total employment in OIZ will increase to approximately 30 thousand people. The expansion of Balıkesir OIZ will affect all industrialists in the Marmara and Aegean regions and the labor force in these regions.

Balıkesir OIZ participant makes you feel the difference with the services it provides. BALOSB, which provides uninterrupted and safe energy with its own 162,5 MVA switchgear facility, continues to serve its participants with its 3.300 m3 / day capacity wastewater treatment plant. Considering the new plants to be expanded, a new treatment plant with a capacity of 10.000 m3 / day has been sent to the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

A Vocational and Technical Training Center was also established in the region in order to meet the qualified personnel needs of the factories. With its five workshops and five classrooms, the Center will meet the workshop needs of OIZ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students and serve as a Vocational Qualification and Certification Center. The 75 Day Care Center, which has a student capacity established within the scope of social responsibility, accepts the children of women employees working in OIZ as a priority.

10 parameter to carry BALOSB to the future

In the meeting, the following 10 parameter was agreed with the participation of regional industrialists in order to enable Balıkesir OIZ to be a strong player in the rapidly changing global competition conditions and to demonstrate their potential.

1. Balıkesirli industrialist is waiting for Bandırma harbor

Balıkesir industrialists use Aliağa port in İzmir or Ambarlı port in Istanbul for export. This means an additional cost and a waste of time. Bandırma port is currently in service but not available for container transportation. If necessary work is done in the port, the industrialist of the region will strengthen his hand in the competition. Because Bandırma port has very suitable properties both in terms of area and logistics.

2. Public University Industry Cooperation

In order to ensure public-university-industry cooperation, first of all, a modern industrial culture must be created by all parties and then everyone must put their hands under the stone. Mechanisms in which all parties are together should be developed and these mechanisms should be kept operational at all times. Within the framework of some formations, we come together from time to time, but when there is no continuity, not enough synergies and solutions can be produced.

3. Reduce investment costs

Land prices, construction investments, excavation, infrastructure costs, such issues are exhausting the industrialist. Both municipalities and other institutions and organizations need to provide more convenience to the companies in OIZs especially regarding investment costs. If attractive loans can be provided for public banks construction works, it will make a very positive contribution to the growth in industry. Rather than dealing with such cost items, solutions can be found that will allow the industrialist to devote his capital to more technology, production and R & D investments.

4. The problem of qualified personnel

Supply of qualified personnel stands as an issue as big as the infrastructure and high energy problem at the point where R & D or export-oriented production comes into play. It is necessary to position vocational high schools within OIZs and prepare their curricula in coordination with industrialists, and pave the way for industrialists to become the patron of these schools. BALOSB has taken the initiative in this regard.

5. Logistics integration must be completed

With the Osmangazi Bridge and the Izmir Highway, Balıkesir is becoming a logistical base. But logistics integration is not yet complete. Logistic Village established with good intentions, could not give what is expected of him. However, Balıkesir's location has very strong features. Balıkesir, which is the junction point of Marmara and Aegean regions, has great potential in this sense, but logistics integration needs to be completed rapidly.

6. Supply industry is not enough

Balıkesir industrialists are experiencing difficulties in sub-industry and maintenance-service issues. Corporate industrialists in BALOSB cannot find a sufficient level of accumulation and quality in the sub-industry companies serving them. For this reason, the industrialist has to provide most of his needs such as maintenance service, sub-industry service and parts purchase from cities such as Istanbul. Initiatives are needed to establish the infrastructure for the sub-industry throughout the province.

7. Need for new export markets

political tensions between the US and China, the United States imposed extra taxes on products originating in China is creating an opportunity for Turkey. Balıkesirli industrialist, to promote its products and sales should turn to the US market. In recent years, North African countries and India have been among the important countries whose needs have increased with rising income level. A working group on new markets can be established in BALOSB.

8. Reduce energy costs

Energy costs are an issue that all industrialists are upset about, they bear high costs. industrialists are paying the highest price of all kinds of energy costs in Turkey. The world is going through a very difficult period of trade wars. The importance of exports in such a period is very clear. This problem, which weakens the hand of the exporter in the competition, has to be overcome now.

9. R & D legislation should be simplified

In addition to the bureaucratic difficulties in R & D processes, the legislation is also very complex and the companies cannot understand the terminology of the state. A number of guidelines and programs have been developed to ensure the controllability of R & D activities and to document them. However, companies have to hire consultants because they are inadequate. Simplifying the legislation and making it applicable will strengthen the R & D activities.

10. Housing need

Regarding housing, there is a need for housing close to BALOSB, especially where the blue collar can be settled. Gaziosmanpaşa region needs to be completely transformed into urban transformation and prepared for those working with housing projects such as TOKİ. Such a transformation will create an important momentum in meeting the blue-collar needs of BALOSB.

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