Very Important YHT Development for Eskişehir!

very important yht development for eskisehir
very important yht development for eskisehir

📩 26/03/2022 00:22

The Ministry of Industry and Technology requested firm information from Eskişehir for the High Speed ​​Train project. The Ministry sent a form to the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry to fill in the capability, product or companies wishing to invest and produce in this regard regarding the YHT project.

Ministry of Industry and Technology Eskişehir Chamber of Industry sent to the YHT project about the ability, product or companies who want to invest in this matter and asked to be notified. In the letter sent to ESO from the Ministry, companies were asked to be notified of production request.

It is stated that the tables submitted regarding the capabilities, products, processes, investments and skills of the companies should be completed. Based on information from industrialists, the inventory will be sent to the ministry. Industrialists need to deliver information by 30 October to Wednesday (today) at the latest.

Map of Turkey YHT

Source : Anadolu Newspaper

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