Logistics Vocational Training Center Project to Sign Contribution to Employment

Logistics Vocational Training Center project to contribute to employment was signed
Logistics Vocational Training Center project to contribute to employment was signed

Within the scope of the 2019 Social Development Support Program (SOGEP), supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology through Çukurova Development Agency (ÇKA), there is a right to receive support. kazanAn Akdeniz Municipality's “Logistics Vocational Training Center” project was signed with a ceremony chaired by Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su.

In addition to the Governor Ali İhsan Su, Mediterranean Mayor Mustafa Muhammet Gültak, Mersin University Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Yaşar, Chairman of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ayhan Kızıltan and Secretary General of ÇKA. Lutfi Altunsu attended.

Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su expressed his pleasure that Mersin will have such a beautiful project and wished the project to be beneficial.

ÇKA Secretary General Dr. Lutfi Altunsu underlined that the aim is to increase the vocational education and competencies of unemployed youth between the ages of 19-29 who are not professionally competent, and to support their participation in the workforce, under the project of Akdeniz Municipality. he gave:

“In the center where there will be 150 vocational training simulator on an area of ​​2 m1, it is planned to carry out activities such as general training classes, vocational training courses, institutional capacity building services, vocational qualification examination and certification services, training of the center, training of educators, and membership in national and international network networks. .

With the center to be established, theoretical and simulator supported practical trainings will be provided for individuals to be able to respond to their professional development and employer demands, and training will be provided by training individuals with the professional qualifications required by the logistics industry. The simulator, which is a modular structure, also has the feature of providing a richer vocational education with additional modules depending on the need.

The total budget of the project, which will be carried out in partnership with Mersin University and Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is 2.989.100,00 TL, and 2.000.000,00 TL will be covered by SOGEP. "

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