YOLDER did not leave its members alone in Çorlu

yolder corluda did not leave members alone
yolder corluda did not leave members alone

📩 11/07/2019 01:54

The first hearing of the train accident in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, 8 July 2018 was held at Çorlu Courthouse. YOLDER has been following developments closely since the first day of the accident and did not leave its members alone at the first hearing. YOLDER Chairman of the Board Şakir Kaya, Vice President Suat Ocak and Lawyer Mehmet Ektaş Attorney at the hearing attended by the court delegation withdrew from the case.

3 in Çorlu Courthouse Some families and their lawyers were not taken to the hearing, which started on July 2019. After the tension outside the hall, the complainants' lawyers said they had filed a criminal complaint against the court delegation, which they held responsible for not providing security. Upon this development, the tribunal announced that they had withdrawn from the case, stating that they had been declared a party and a request for rejection of the judge and concluded the hearing.

The 2 Heavy Penal Court will decide whether the same delegation will continue or whether another delegation will be appointed.

YOLDER will continue to closely monitor the process, while providing the necessary support to the members of the case, while continuing to keep all members informed about the developments.

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