Turkey's Most Searched Transportation vehicle 'Metro' Had

turkiyenin was the very SOUGHT underground bulk transportation vehicles
turkiyenin was the very SOUGHT underground bulk transportation vehicles

The interest in public transport in the World and Turkey has increased with each passing day, it emerged from the research. semrush under the lens of public transport in Turkey, according to the research area "metro" Turkey it became the most sought-after public transport. The interest in ay Marmaray se has increased by 3 percent in the last 108 year.

One of the main problems of the big cities in the world interested in the rail system, which is also indicated as an antidote to traffic increasing every day in Turkey. According to the research of digital marketing platform SEMrush based on online searches made in 3 last year, “metro olur is the most sought-after transportation on the internet, while interest in Marmaray, which connects two continents underground, has increased 108 in the last three years.

especially public transport more than 10 seeking alternative solutions to traffic congestion in large cities with Turkey, in recent years has accelerated infrastructure projects carried out in this area case. Metro, which has been operating since 1988 in Turkey, such as the Marmaray and Metrobus Istanbul traffic is seen as a precursor to public transport which aims to reduce significantly according to the survey "underground" word a monthly average of 550 thousand while searching for "Marmaray" searched the 370 thousand times.

The use of public transport in cities with heavy traffic such as Istanbul makes people's lives easier. On the other hand, the interest shown in the taxi in online calls also increased by 39 percent. Moreover, the online quest triggered by the increase in mobile apps taxi Turkey is not alone; In the UK, Australia and Germany, there is a growing interest in taxis. According to the data in the same period in Germany, 24 percent of taxi calls, 17 percent in England and Australia 3'lik percent increased.

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