Metro Revenues Explained by the Ministry of Transport!

submission of subway revenues from the ministry of transport
submission of subway revenues from the ministry of transport

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has announced that the claims made by the President's decision published in the Official Gazette do not reflect the truth.

The written statement from the Ministry is as follows; “Decision on the Amendment of the Decision on the Determination of the Conditions Regarding the Assignment, Acquisition and Completion of the Urban Rail Transportation Systems, Subways and Related Facilities by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, published in the Official Gazette dated 01 May 2019” The following explanation was deemed necessary for the claims that the municipalities will be rendered inoperable by seizing the metro revenues of the municipalities ”.

Despite the fact that the municipalities do not have the responsibility of the municipalities to design and implement the urban transportation system, the 2010 Decree has been amended in the 655 in the year XNUMX. some of the subway projects were undertaken by the Ministry of Transportation.

In the system which is implemented by the Council of Ministers Decree 2010 / 1115, the metro investments planned by the municipality are transferred to the Ministry of Transport with a protocol containing the conditions of construction, transfer and repayment, and the repayments are followed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance once the construction is completed.

17.01.2019 numbered 7161 dated lü Tax Laws and Certain Laws and Decree Laws Amending the Law esinde with the relevant article of the Decree Law No. 655 01 May 2019 dated and published in the Official Gazette 30761 with the Decree entered into force with the Decree The amendments made with the Law were regulated by the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance in secondary legislation.

Prior to the amendment, metro investments were carried out by the Ministry, transferred to the municipality for operation, and the metro gross revenue was collected in the Treasury accounts. 15 of this amount was foreseen to be transferred to the Treasury and the rest to be transferred to the Municipality. During the period until the completion of the repayment, the entity and its revenues had to be controlled by the Treasury and an extra account was required on the metro gross revenue.

With the new arrangement, all of the subway revenues remain in the Municipality. The reimbursement of the Metro Investment, which was previously determined in the law and the transfer protocols, is tried to be covered by the deduction of a ratio of 5 from the shares to be allocated over the sum of the General Budget tax revenues of the Municipality. When the size of the investment amount is taken into consideration, the collection has been spreading for many years, but it is ensured that the citizen starts to benefit from the investment as soon as possible.

Contrary to the news in question, with this change, the municipalities get high-cost metro investments, which will not be possible with their own budgetary facilities, while the Treasury contributes to local governments by spreading the debt over the long term.

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