Eurasia Tunnel Project Announced!

Eurasian Tunel
Eurasian Tunel

We received information about the Eurasia Tunnel, a tube passage that will connect Europe and Asia, from Üsküdar Deputy Mayor and AK Party Üsküdar Mayor Candidate Candidate Hilmi Türkmen.

Marmaray had been the subject of much speculation before and after the opening. The works in the Eurasian Tunnel Project, which is not as big as Marmaray but is as big as its project and pointed out by the Prime Minister at the opening of Marmaray, with the words iyle We will bring our brothers to Marmaray ”continue in full swing.

After the opening of Marmaray, which has a great resonance, the eyes have been transformed into the Eurasian Tunnel, another project to relax the Bosphorus traffic. The project will be carried out within the scope of the project which will connect the two sides to 106 meter depth and will reduce the time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe to 15. Project planned to be opened in 2015, Asia

and a direct route to Europe.
The project, which is expected to pass by 120.000 vehicles every day, will significantly reduce the vehicle traffic between the two sides. Üsküdar Deputy Mayor Hilmi Türkmen gives striking information.

Erd The Eurasia Tunnel, which will be the second tube passage of the Bosphorus after Marmaray, is Marmaray's sister project as Prime Minister Erdoğan. The tunnel that connects the two sides of Istanbul by road this time will pass about 2 kilometers south of Marmaray. The construction, construction and construction of the tunnel built with build-operate-transfer model and the approximate 26 annual operation, Turkish-Korean joint venture, was carried out by Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Corporation. to be done by.

The project, which aims to alleviate the traffic on the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, will be constructed as a two-storey highway, one arrival and the other going. The tunnel will be built on the Bosphorus rock by tunneling machine. The ground is excavated with specially designed machines and the daily feed rate is 8-10 meter.

There Are Similar Projects Around The World

The cost of the 5,4 km-long tunnel to be built beneath the sea floor is 1,1 billion dollars. Only cars and vans will be able to pass through the tunnel that will be closed to vehicles such as trucks, buses and motorbikes. In He also mentioned that tunnel projects are preferred in metropolitan cities such as Newyork, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and many other parts of the world. He added that it is a safe, most practical, environmentally friendly solution.

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