Public Transport Free in Antalya on July 15

public transport in july in antalya free
public transport in july in antalya free

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek gave the good news of free transportation on '15 July Democracy and National Unity Day. With the official license plates of the municipality, ANTRAY and Nostalgia Tram will carry the citizens free of charge from 15:06.00 on Monday, 16 July to 06.00:XNUMX on Tuesday, XNUMX July.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Assembly held the next meeting in July. At the meeting, the Assembly discussed the 23 agenda item and decided. Metropolitan Assembly, 5 national and religious holidays in the central district, 15 July Democracy and Unity Day, 1 May Labor and Solidarity Day, such as discounted or free transportation to the point of Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek unanimously decided to authorize.

Following this decision taken by the Assembly, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek ordered the July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day to be free of transportation. Accordingly, the official plate buses, ANTRAY and Nostalgia Tram of the municipality will carry free passengers from Monday morning, 15 July to 06.00:16 on Tuesday, July 06.00, XNUMX, for easier access of citizens to 'Democracy and National Unity Day' events and commemorative programs.

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