Breathtaking Show of Turkish Stars in Trabzon Skies

breathtaking show of turkish stars in trabzon skies
breathtaking show of turkish stars in trabzon skies

Turkish Stars, the only aerobatic team performing in the world with 8 supersonic aircraft, performed a demonstration flight in the city with the organization of Trabzon Governorship, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and Ortahisar Municipality.

Thousands of people around Ortahisar coast and Hagia Sophia Museum watched the breathtaking performance of Turkish Stars with great interest. Speaking at the event, local artists gave a concert in the Governor of Trabzon Ismail Ustaoglu, stating that the Turkish Stars are our national pride, thanked those who contributed to the organization of the organization.

Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, Trabzon, color, excitement and enthusiasm to the thousands of citizens who follow the organization said that the event, more events in the coming period, he said.

Stating that Trabzon has a rich cultural, artistic and commercial background, President Zorluoğlu said, “Boring cities cannot develop. Our city; We want to bring culture and art activities together with some other activities more and make them more attractive. I hope we will do more of these activities in our period. There will be more art and more music in Trabzon. We will introduce Trabzon in a more beautiful way. Turkish Stars guest today. Them; the pride of our country, our armed forces and our nation. I call them 'Welcome'. Today, our hearts will be filled with enthusiasm, and I hope that in the coming years we will enrich the program even more and make it a traditional festival. ”

Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genc in the flight of the world's most elite teams of the Turkish Stars, Trabzon, once again expressed the happiness of hosting.

After the speeches, the airplanes that took off from Trabzon Airport were in the 30 minute show; In addition to reverse climbing and turning, landing gear intersection, double intersection, landing gear greeting in reverse, type tip and three dimensional whirling movements, the heart figure drawn to the sky won the admiration of the audience.

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