Additional Line from İETT to Yeniköy Maslak Line

iettden new line
iettden new line

Due to the ongoing paving work on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Istanbul residents traveling between the two sides of the Bosphorus show great interest in the Istinye-Çubuklu Ferry and the Beykoz-Yeniköy motor.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of IETT, Yenikoy-Istinye-Maslak Metro in order to meet the intensive passenger demand in addition to the existing lines Yenikoy-Istinye-ITU Metro line formed.

Istinye Iskele-Yenikoy Iskele-Haciosman Metro route, the new line, 1 vehicle 32 service began to serve.


In the 1M line, which runs 19 daily with the 22 vehicle on the İstinye Iskele-Maslak route, the number of vehicles has been increased to 2 and the number of flights has been increased to 38. The expedition interval, which was 50 minutes, thus went down to 15 minutes. There is also the possibility of free transfer from this line to İstinye-Çubuklu pier.

İETT also provides services with 40 vehicles and 9 flights daily with the 86B Sarıyer-Beşiktaş line passing through İstinye and Yeniköy piers. By using the 40B line, you can reach İTÜ Metro stop from İstinye and Yeniköy piers.

On the Anatolian side, 135Ç from Çubuklu Pier makes 1 vehicles and 24 flights per day. There is a free transfer from this line to İstinye-Çubuklu pier.

Buses started to work with the new tariff, the citizens of Yeniköy-İstinye Istanbul Maslak passing through the Istanbul Metro. Citizens descending from the subway at the ITU station, again using the same lines Istinye-Cubuklu Ferry Beykoz-Yeniköy motor can access the tin.

iettden new line
iettden new line

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