Who Will Win High Speed ​​Aircraft Competition?

who will win fast train airplane competition
who will win fast train airplane competition

Especially in Asia and Europe, very fast train systems have come to the point where they compete with air travel both in terms of ticket price and total travel time “door to door”.

Although air travel alone seems to be faster, the fact that the airports are located outside the city and the procedures such as security and baggage delivery prolong the boarding process, the choice of the type of travel between the two short-distance points increases in favor of rail or road.

In addition, the fact that the train stations are generally located in the city centers is another factor that encourages the passengers to choose in this direction.

At distances up to 500 km, the high speed train has a significant time advantage over the plane.

The distances between the 500 - 1000 km also continue the fight between the fast train - plane.

1.000 offers a much more reasonable opportunity to travel by plane over distances over km.

A survey by Bloomberg shows the level of competition.

For example, if you choose a high-speed train between London and Paris, you can get to your destination relatively quickly even if you pay a little more for the ticket.

The number of passengers using this line has exceeded 10 million annually.

As shown in some other examples, the total travel time is almost the same length, but the high speed train can offer passengers a price advantage.


Source: Airline 101

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