47 Million Lira Asphalt Investment in Selendi District of Manisa

xinnom asphalt investment in manisanin selendi province
xinnom asphalt investment in manisanin selendi province

In order to provide comfortable and safe transportation to the citizens, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its road works in the province. During the service period, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality carried out 385 kilometers asphalt works in Selendi district and invested in 47 million pounds.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, during the remaining service period, the Selcuk district of 385 miles asphalt work carried out, 47 million pounds to these studies has invested. The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa introduced modern and comfortable means of neighborhoods that have never been served before. Corrections, widening, maintenance and repair, as well as the work done in the neighborhood and hot asphalt has received the appreciation of the citizens. Expressing that he continues to fulfill the service of Selendi Cengiz Ergün, mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, said: Büyük In order to change the face of Selendi, we have continuously produced projects. In order to provide more comfortable and safe transportation to our citizens in the district, we have done road correction, expansion, maintenance and repair, surface and hot asphalt works in many neighborhoods. We have invested in 385 million pounds in these works reaching 47 kilometers. Hopefully, we will continue to bring these services to our district İn.



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