First National Helicopter Engine Test was Performed in Eskişehir

first national helicopter engine test was done in Eskisehir
first national helicopter engine test was done in Eskisehir

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank tested the first national helicopter engine in Eskisehir, attended the T700 Helicopter Engine Test Bring Opening Ceremony to be used in the “Domestic Black Hawk” helicopter. Indicating that all his efforts on localization in the defense industry are shaped by the vision they received from President Tayyip Erdoğan, Industry and Technology Minister Varank said, “Our aim is not to subcontract international defense industry manufacturers, but to create a fully independent Turkish defense industry.” said.


Minister Varank, who came to Eskişehir for various contacts and visits, was met by Eskişehir Governor Özdemir Çakacak, Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor Ferhat Kapıcı and other interested parties. Minister Varank, who later visited the Governorship of Eskişehir, met with Governor Çakacak after signing his honor book here. After his visit to the governorship, Varank met with the party members under the AK Party Provincial Directorate.


Afterwards, Varank visited TUSAŞ Motor Industry Inc. / TEI and performed the test of TS1400 turbocharger engine, which was developed here and will power the Gökbey General Purpose Helicopter. Varank, also developed by TEI and participating in the T700 Helicopter Engine Test Scale Opening Ceremony to be used in the “Domestic Black Hawk” helicopter, noted that the test bruise will not be able to test the turboshaft engines to be used in the “Domestic Black Hawk” helicopters. TEI said bremzeyl describing for the first time can be made of the production testing of the T700 engine Varank in Turkey, said:

Will Give Power to GÖKBEY

“Our first national helicopter engine, TS1400, which we just tested, will power Gökbey, named after our President. The TS1400 turboshaft engine, all designed and developed by TEI engineers, is a very important step towards getting rid of foreign dependency. With the TS1400 Engine Development Project, which is being carried out under the auspices and financial support of our Presidency of Defense Industries, we have delivered only the first domestic helicopter engine to our country. kazanwe will not be climbing. In this process, we also brought the design, production, testing and material database infrastructures to our country. kazanwe will have risen. Today, thanks to the world-class manufacturing and design competencies of TEI, which I have observed on site, our engine will emerge that we will all be proud of. In addition, the turbojet and turboprop versions of this engine will power different platforms that are important for our national capabilities, which are currently being developed.”


Minister Varank emphasized that the point TEI has reached in 34 years is dazzling and exemplary in terms of both the added value it offers to the economy and meeting strategic priorities. Noting that at least one of every two aircraft in the world flies with TEI parts, Varank said, “Turkey needs more TEI. From this point of view, we set out by saying 'national technology, strong industry'. In all sub-sectors of our industry, we aim to raise localization to higher levels by raising our country's technology capability, just as we have achieved in defense and aviation. As you know, the rate of localization in our defense industry is around 65 percent. In 16 years, 700 domestic patent applications were made in the defense sector. 63 percent of this has happened in the last 5 years alone. All our efforts in the field of indigenization in defense have been shaped by the vision we received from our President. Our aim is not to subcontract international defense industry manufacturers, but to create a fully independent Turkish defense industry. We give us technological superiority at every stage, from strategy to original design, from infrastructure installation to technology development, from final product to commercialization. kazanWe are mobilizing all our resources for projects that will continue.” said.


Varank underlined that the support they provide in the R&D, investment and production process strengthens the power of TEI and creates a serious leverage effect for high value added production. TEI's pride that is one of Turkey's institutions until Varank, said: "This place is called can not be made in Turkey, where the truth becomes a place of steps seen as imagined. Of course, there were those who ignored the historical steps we took in the defense industry. We have heard many of the cynical expressions that started with 'you can't motor yet' but continue like this. We didn't care about these. We acted patiently with the awareness that progress in this area will be realized step by step. Here now today, Turkey's own turboshaft engine, turbo diesel engine UAV, has come to a position capable cruise missile with a turbojet. Of course, we do not expect Nuri Demirağ to applaud this development and these historical steps, which closed the aircraft factory and opened a war to the nation. We will continue to take our steps to make our nation independent with the support of Turkey in every field. "


Minister Varank stated that they stand by all the companies that produce new ideas, develop feasible projects or commercialize them, and said that defense, space and aviation technologies offer very important opportunities for growth under the leadership of R&D. Turkey's 20-year reminiscent dreamed of the Space Agency Varank, "Agency with satellites, launch vehicles and systems, aircraft, simulators, including space platforms space and aeronautics all kinds of products, technologies, systems, facilities, tools and design of equipment, production and integration will be planned from a single source. The technologies that emerge as a result of these researches will penetrate all branches of our industry and create important competencies and abilities. Thus, the ground will be prepared for the development of an industry that is not dependent on the foreign in space and aviation technologies, and the national interests of our country will also be considered in space. We will write our new growth story with high value-added production and thus, we will climb higher in the global economy. ” said.


Varank, TEI, such as Turkey's face flux hosting institution stating that they care very Eskişehir development, the President noted that Erdogan's leadership in Eskisehir invest 17 billion pounds over the last 21 years.

After the speech, Varank, Eskişehir Governor Özdemir Çakacak, TBMM Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission President Mustafa Elitaş, Garrison Commander Orgenaral Atilla Gülan, CHP Eskişehir Deputy Jale Nur Süllü, MHP Eskişehir Deputy Metin Nurullah Sazak, GOOD Party Eskişehir The deputy Arslan Kabukçuoğlu, Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor Ferhat Kapıcı, TEI General Manager Mahmut Faruk Akşit and other interested parties opened the TEI T700 Helicopter Engine Test Scale.

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