DHMI 2019 Coordination Meeting Ends

dhmi 2019 coordination meeting ended
dhmi 2019 coordination meeting ended

The Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İskurt attended the last day of the DH DHMİ 10 Year Coordination Meeting X held at the DHMİ Convention Center between 12-2019 January.

State Airports Authority (DHMI) General Manager and Chairman Funda Ocak, who expressed his satisfaction that Deputy Minister İskurt was attending the meeting, said:) We evaluated the financial, statistical and administrative developments of 2018 in two days. We discussed our disruptions. We listened to their expectations. We have put them out, what are our expectations from them. It was a nice consultation meeting. We are now representing our 49 square here. At the same time, we have completed and completed a comprehensive, very useful management meeting with our heads of departments and our assistant general managers. We had a very successful year with my friends, we are happy. In 2019, I hope that our country will be more beneficial, will contribute more to the economy, we will do useful works for our sector. We were pleased to honor the second day of your meeting, welcome, honor. Sizin


Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver Iskurt said that DHMI has been continuously raising the bar for success in the last 16 years.

İskurt said that there are very large targets in front of them, he said:

Var DHMI has a graph that constantly raises the bar. When I look at the evaluation criteria of 2018, let me just say one remarkably, there is a serious financial success with a percentage of 50. Of course, we have a big family as the architect of these achievements, we have a ministry, but most importantly, we have employees in the field. These are always thanks to you. Your practice, efforts, efforts, effective capacity in your field are reflected in this success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of you, Funda Hanim, for all of you. We have great goals ahead of us, together we will strive to achieve these goals. Ön

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