Railway Overpass Elevator Renewed in Burdur

burdurda tcdd ustgecit asansoru refreshing
burdurda tcdd ustgecit asansoru refreshing

Two elevators in the upper passage linking Bağlar Neighborhood to Station Street are being renovated.

Two elevators in the upper passage that connects Bağlar Mahallesi to Istasyon Street will be renewed by the Burdur Municipality.

Making a statement about the overpass, Burdur Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz said, “The facilities that suit modern civilized people are delivered to the citizens through the Municipality. kazanis our primary duty. This is an overpass built in the period before us. It was a problematic overpass in the period before us, and it is a problematic overpass in our period. Despite the fact that we have the elevators constantly maintained and repaired, unfortunately, as a result of bad use, this overpass is constantly failing. We will carry out the maintenance and repairs of the damaged and destroyed areas of this overpass, which was built especially for the use of our elderly, children and disabled citizens. All of these are national wealth, they come out of our pockets. We will renew the elevators and offer them to our citizens. Our only request from our citizens is to use the elevator properly," he said.

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