The capital will be erected with Ankara Rail System Lines

baskent ankara rail system
baskent ankara rail system

AK Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Mehmet Özhaseki, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the work of the Metropolitan Municipality aims to bring important projects to the capital. The most important part of the project booklet prepared by Özhaseki includes rail systems. In addition to the existing 64 kilometer rail system network, an additional 100 kilometer rail system network is planned to be added. Here are some of the planned network networks;


* 26 km 7 station Kuyubaş- Esenboğa Airport- Yıldırım Beyazıt University line

* 3,3 km Atatürk Culture Center - High Speed ​​Train Station - Red Crescent Line

* 788 meters long AST - Söğütözü Station connection

* 14 km-long High Speed ​​Train Station - Etlik City Hospital - Ovacik Line

* 11 km long High Speed ​​Train Station - Sites - Kuyubasi line

* 10 km long Planter House - Natoyolu - Nata Vega line

* 5 km long Söğütözü - Yüzüncüyıl Mahallesi - ODTÜ hotline

* 8 km length METU - Macunköy Station connection

* 8 km long West Center - Ümitköy Station connection

* Batıkent - Yenikent extension line to Törekent OSB line with 5 km length

* Kızılay - Çayyolu - Additional line of Yaşamkent - Bağlıca with a length of 10 km to Koru line


With the support of the government, the metro line to Esenboğa Airport as well as vehicle traffic on this route will be relieved. There will be uninterrupted transportation thanks to the Aydınlıkevler Junction on the Esenboğa Airport road and the bridged intersections to be made in front of the Fruko Factory in Hasköy. Also on Samsun Road; Eşref Akıncı Barracks Junction, Kayaş Junction and Blue Lake Entrance Junction will be organized as uninterrupted traffic. On the other hand, the subway's at Konutkent Junction, Başkent University Intersection and Yaşamkent Junction, which are currently controlled by traffic

and thus, the traffic is intended to be more fluent and continuous.


4 pieces of underpass and 3 pieces of railway crossing bridges and 3 underpasses will be manufactured at the existing 4 light intersection on 1 kilometer-long Station Street. In this way, vehicles going to the direction of the Sincan railroad will go from the other side, the city center will go to one-way transportation from the station will provide vehicles.


This park is intended to be used as a pedestrian parking area with the existing parking feature of Güvenpark and the parking area under the ground. Within the scope of the project, 250 will take a comfortable breath with the underground car park where the dolmuş will be stored.


The transportation coordination center to be built in this region after the transfer of the courthouse in Sıhhiye will be the heart of transportation due to the advantage of being located at the intersection point of the region's transportation networks and being close to social, cultural areas, education and housing texture. It will be the heart of both transportation and cultural activities in Ankara with environmentalist and culture oriented projects to be designed in this region.


ASTI is being used as the center of intercity passenger transportation in Ankara bat Due to the increase of bus traffic to the city center and increased traffic density, it is aimed to make terminals in the east and west of Ankara and pocket bus stations to support them. (AYKUT GÖREN - MORNING)

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