Karabük Governor Gürel in Kardemir

karabuk governor gurel kardemir
karabuk governor gurel kardemir

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel visited Kardemir today. Deputy Governor Barboros Baran, Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanism Hasan Öztürk, Provincial Director of Health. Ahmet Yellow and TEO Deputy Provincial Director Mustafa Çalış'l with Kardemir to the Governor Gurel Enterprise Directorate General of the Board of Directors President Kamil Gulec, Board Member H. Call Gulec, Acting Director General Mansur Tiller, Chief Financial Officer Furkan Ünal and Sales -Marketing Coordinator Reyhan Özkara welcomed.

Later on, Governor Gürel and his accompanying delegation, who passed to the Headquarters Meeting Hall, watched the historical film about Kardemir's development from its foundation to the present and listened to Kardemir's anthem. Here, Acting Director General Mansur tiller from Turkey and the world iron and steel sector with Kardemir's activities, information about the Governor Gurel and his delegation, a desk set was presented consisting of the memory of the company's products day by the Chairman Kamil Gulec.

The visit of the Governor Fuat Gürel and his accompanying delegation, who came together with the Kardemir staff at lunch, continued with a technical excursion in the production facilities. Chairman Kamil Gulec and Deputy General Manager in technical tours accompanied by Mansur tiller, respectively Coke Plant, Blast Furnaces and Ray Profile Mills the touring integrated production examining the process Governor Fuat Gurel, also took samples of the casting while wearing gloves during the examination in blast furnaces.

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