KARDEMIR to be among the first 20 industrial enterprise

KARDEMIR to become one of the first 20 industrial establishments: Kardemir is aiming to be the biggest 500 company in the ISO 20 Industrial Organization Ranking

In the 2017 period, Kardemir increased its liquid crude iron production by 20 and its liquid steel production by 18,7 and net rolled production by 45,3 in the January-June period.

In this period (January-June 2017) Kardemir's liquid crude iron production reached 924 million 1 thousand tonnes from 109 thousand tons, while liquid steel production increased from 1 million 29 thousand to 1 million 222 thousand tons.

In the first six months of the year, there was also a significant increase in final products. Record production has been achieved in Ray-Profil and Continuous Rolling Mill. In Ray-Profil Rolling Mill, total production of Rails, Profiles, Angles and Mines reached 25 thousand tons of 172 thousand tons with an increase of% 215 compared to the same period of the previous year. On the other hand, the total production of net rolled products increased by 45,3 and increased from 450 thousand tons to 654 thousand tons. In the last year, the production of 6 thousand tons was realized in the first 103 month of the year in Çubuk Kangal Rolling Mill, where trial production was started last year.

On the sales side, in the first six months of the year, our main product sales reached the 1 million 186 thousand tons with the above production increases.

In Kardemir, which has achieved its first six months of production and sales targets, it is expected that investments in capacity increase and efficiency increase activities will continue to reflect the production and sales results positively, and the target for the year-end 2.450.000 ton liquid steel production will be achieved.

In June, the monthly average casting record was broken with 75,7 casting. This result shows that Kardemir's 3,2 million tons / year business practices are already formed when the investments are completed.

With the increasing production volume of Kardemir, 2017 and 2018 500 in the evaluation of the largest industrial enterprise of ISO 34, with the value it will create in 20. ordinary 2019. rise in the well, while in 3,5 20 million tons, with capacity to reach aims to be the first XNUMX in Turkey's largest industrial enterprise.

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