Trambus Project in Sanliurfa Will Be Opened With 2 Months Delay

sanliurfada trambus project 2 will serve lagged month
sanliurfada trambus project 2 will serve lagged month

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality in Sanliurfa initiated the Trambus project has come to an end. Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General M. Can Hallaç visited Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the supplier company of Trambus project.

Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality M. Can Hallaç, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank also recently examined the local production electric bus test drive Bozankaya A.Ş visited the facilities.

M. Can Hallaç, who met with the officials of the supplier company and made an interview about the trambus project in Şanlıurfa, stated that the project was delayed due to the negative developments in the sector.

In a statement, Deputy Secretary General M. Can Hallaç said “ Bozankaya We visited our company. Due to the economic situation in the country, our company has been faced with serious problems regarding Trambus production for a long time. We have negotiated with the parties for a long time to address these problems.

Praise be, we brought them all to the solution point, all the parts were supplied and they started to manufacture them quickly and stated that they would send the tramuses to be delivered to Şanlıurfa within 2 months. There is a trambus in Şanlıurfa and training studies continue. ”


Stating that there is a rapidly developing system in Europe and other countries with the new designs and concepts of Trambuses, gelişen We made a project in accordance with the climate conditions of Şanlıurfa. We can say that our Trambuses have recently become widespread in Europe and many other countries.

The Trambus project is a fast-growing system performance in Europe and other countries and is more functional to rail systems in the economic sense. In many European cities, these projects continue. In a short period of time, we will put our project into operation in the public transport area and offer it to the service of our citizens Proj.

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