Support Visits to İZBAN Workers on Strike Continue

support visits continue to strike workers in strike
support visits continue to strike workers in strike

İZBAN workers in the strike, DİSK Aegean Region Representative Memiş Sarı and General - İş İzmir 7 Branch workers and members of the Labor Party Izmir Provincial Organization visited.


General - Business member workers came together with the slogans of İZBAN workers with the slogan of yaş We will continue to resist the resistance en, 'There will be workers who resist victory ene and dir Long live class solidarity çiler. In the statement, Memiş Sarı, DİSK Regional Representative stated, sonuçlan We will be in a stronger position next to the end of your strike. There are criticisms in the form of 'Why are buses working more when there is a strike?' We will stop the buses if the railway - business union decides to stop work in all the cities where it is organized. This ball is not a crown. We'il offer our support if the subject of the action moves. Solidarity, we are ready to do what the fight falls. Those who say that the winner of the strike will not be the one to lose, strengthens the solidarity and the struggle. Gre


Members of the Labor Party also came to İZBAN workers with the slogan of İZ İZBAN worker is the symbol of resistance Emek. EMEP members stressed that they were with the workers of İZBAN who had struck for human life. Provincial Chairman Emine Uyar, İZBAN Izmir is the backbone of transportation, stating that “We are aware that the workers are not responsible for the victims of the victims. We tell this to all the people of Izmir. The people of Izmir are also aware that you are on strike for a just cause. In order to meet your losses, this is a high price increase for basic consumption items. We are aware of the distortions of İZBAN management. We know that İZBAN workers are paid at low wages. We stand by your strike. Gre (Izmir/UNIVERSAL)

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