DHMI, 3. Accepts Bad Conditions in Airport Construction

dhmi 3 accepts elevation conditions in airport construction
dhmi 3 accepts elevation conditions in airport construction

Funda Ocak, General Manager of the State Airports Authority, acknowledged the bad working conditions at the new airport. January, 'The site conditions of the third airport, yes, you are extremely right. Under these conditions, we made an attempt at İGA. Bedbugs are not acceptable in this period. We have repeatedly warned about the disinfection of these construction site conditions, service facilities, and the conditions of the meal. '

General Director of State Airports Authority Funda Ocak, 2015 220 thousand people in 30 in the construction of the airport 25 workers in an occupational accident, XNUMX workers died in natural conditions, he said. Recognizing that the site conditions are bad, January also warned that DHMI has repeatedly warned the group of companies that undertake airport construction.

According to the report of Mahmut Lıcalı from the Republic, the 2015-2016 accounts of the General Directorate of DHMİ were discussed at the previous meeting of the TBMM KIT Commission. DHMİ General Manager Funda Ocak made important statements while answering the deputies' questions about Istanbul Airport. Upon the questions of deputies regarding the working conditions at Istanbul Airport, DHMI General Manager Ocak admitted that the reactions that the construction site conditions were bad were justified.


Indicating that DHMI applied to the group of companies making the airport within this scope, Ocak said, gr The conditions of the construction site of the third airport, yes, you are absolutely right. We have made an initiative with İGA under these site conditions. Bedbugs are not acceptable in this period. We have also been repeatedly warned about the regulation of food conditions, service facilities and food conditions of these construction sites. Bu

January, workers began to look for rights on the construction site, serious arrangements were made, he added. January, noting that workers' deaths are not acceptable, indicating the new data about the workers who died in the construction of the third airport.


January, 2015 29 from the date of delivery of the official site for the construction of the airport on October 220 thousand people were employed at the construction site, he said.

Of the 220 people working in the airport construction, Ocak said, "30 workers were killed in work accidents and 25 workers were killed in natural conditions."

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