When will Istanbul Airport Metro be opened?

istanbul airport subway will be urgent
istanbul airport subway will be urgent

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, CNN Turk, Istanbul Airport, answered questions. Turhan said that the 10.00 of 97 was completed at the time of the transfer to Istanbul Airport. For example, it may be a bit farther away from Bakırköy, Küçükçekmece, Zeytinburnu, or between Avcılar and Fatih in the western part of Istanbul. But this distance does not require any difficulty in transportation. We do not expect any trouble in the next 20 year in terms of road traffic in the area where Istanbul Airport is located. İstanbul

Minister Turhan, the world's largest aviation in the history of aviation realized that they have recorded, without a chance, without any problems, a problem, without any problems moved to the completion of the said. Turhan, said: UM 26 hours should be turned off at the time 13 hours opened, 12 hours will be closed the way 8 opened to traffic per hour. And we would like to thank the tolerance of our citizens in Istanbul during this time. The operations will start from the new airport, starting now. There are no air transport units at this airport. We have customs units, administrative units. We have units to carry out and carry out their operations slowly on both sides. We will continue our cargo flights at Ataturk Airport for a certain period of time. Atatürk


One of the most important advantages of İstanbul Airport is the fact that the transportation roads have sufficient capacity according to Atatürk Airport. 'It may be a distance away from some points. For example, Bakırköy, Küçükçemece, Zeytinbumu, or in the western region of Istanbul may be a bit distant from the regions between Avcilar and Fatih. But this distance does not require any difficulty in transportation, Ama he said. Turhan explained the transportation points of the Istanbul Airport: we've made it a route. The route between the Hasdal Junction and the airport was converted to 2 × 4 ribbon. Çatalca, again from the west side, with Yassıören airport direction 2 × 4 lane state road. In the region where Istanbul Airport is located, we do not expect any trouble in the coming 2 year in terms of road traffic. In the first half of 3, we will take the metro between Gayrettepe and Airport. It'il be over before June. 20 is a subway line that is miles long. Travel time will be less than half an hour. Our operating speed will be 2020 kilometers. Our line allows 32 mileage. There's a 80 station. the average 120 mileage is less than half an hour. He's got air transport. 6 from Istanbul will serve at the airport. 80 bin 20 will make the round trip. 2 will carry a thousand people a day. IETT buses will also provide 300 services from specific centers in Istanbul. Taxi services at the airport were also disciplined. Havalim


Turhan said that the delay and delay would not be due to the physical conditions of Istanbul Airport and that the airport had a much larger capacity than the Ataturk Airport. . The hourly take-off capacity from our old airport was 70. Here is 3. 80, although the runway is not opened. When it opens, the capacity will increase to 120. We will open the new runway next year. 2020 is considered to be the month of March. X

English Translation

Turhan said about the taxis that will be working at the airport: ilgili The taxis that will serve at the Istanbul Airport are currently 660 units. Then it will be increased and can be over 1000. The drivers who will use the taxi here have to know English, IGA and supervises it. You won't have trouble with tourists. With the special screens inside the taxis, the passenger will give him the choice of road when he tells them where to go. If the passenger wants the vehicle's license plate, the driver will have a chance to learn. You will have the opportunity to pay by credit card. Kredi


. We had friendly countries to Atatürk Airport. We can't give a flight. This was one of the important reasons for the construction of the New Airport. Our capacity was full, we couldn't. These problems were solved with the new airport. It made a significant contribution to the economy and tourism of the country. In the airline, 5 will experience an increase of 20 in the year. Domestic and domestic flights are separate. We determine the price of the ticket price in domestic flights. He can't get over a certain limit. They use commercial marketing techniques in terms of competition. We set the ceiling for the final price. On the international flights, more direct flights between domestic and foreign airlines will bring advantage of transportation costs. People who use the airline take high-speed transportation services. Ak


Turhan: alan Atatürk Airport will be a park and fairground. The plan and project planning are carried out by the Ministry of Environment. Our area will be used as a training center. 1-1.5 will be used for cargo flights and special flights until the hangars are built at the new airport. We will do the Teknofest exhibition here, even if it is not for civil aviation passenger flights. It will be a fair that will stand out for aviation. This is the best place for this. We're gonna keep a runway here for general aviation services. 5G will start at 2020. X


Turhan said, ile Our Alaçatı Airport is built by Build-Operate-Transfer. It will open at 2021. More tourism purposes. High tourism capacity. It will serve tourism. Kaş, West Antalya Airport et Surveys related to location were completed. Location detection is very important. There are financial, meteorological criteria. Antalya is not enough in the summer months. There's a new airport. It is not right to say the date of the completion in advance, but we are aiming to do this with the Yap-iştet-Devlet. It is a project to do it. We see this as a commercial airport. It is not a public service like Kars, Muş and Bingöl. Kars (SAE)

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