Cargo Trolley Filled In Denizli, 5 Injured

crash in the seafront at mid-level
crash in the seafront at mid-level

5 was injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the freight train and commercial vehicle in the crossing at the Kaklik neighborhood of Honaz district of Denizli.

According to information obtained, in the town of Honaz Kaklik District TCDD Transportation Inc. cargo train uncontrolled (free) level crossing in the passage 20 ZR 070 plate collided with the vehicle. With the car crashing into the vehicle at a level crossing, the vehicle was drifted to about 150 meters on the rail. After the train crash, the train personnel and the citizens of the surrounding area were informed of the incident and the health, fire brigade and gendarmerie teams were sent to the scene in a short time. In the car accident at the level crossing in Kaklik Hasan Caliskan, found in the vehicle with Ahmet and Ismail Caliskan Mehmet Stone and Vedat Besim were injured. Firefighters were taken out of the vehicle compressed by the teams, ambulances and hospitals were removed.

In July of July in Xanthi Xanthi Kyrgyzstan Eskisehir-Pamukkale Express crossing the vehicle at the level crossing and 2016 people died in the same family.

Another accident in Kaklik was crashed in November in 2017 with the freight train and the Mobile Railroad Vehicle (MDA) head-on and the 3 TCDD personnel were injured in the accident.


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