Motorbike Collided by Train at Sivasta Level Crossing

Motorcycle Collided by Train at Level Crossing in Sivasta 2 Dead: 2 people died on the motorcycle hit by passenger train at level crossing in Sivas.

The accident occurred around 20.10 hours. 4 September Blue Train from Malatya to Ankara, Karşıyaka Located near the Kızılırmak Bridge in the neighborhood, crossing the level crossing, passing the rails 35 AU 9672 plate hit the person on the motorcycle 2. The impact of the impact on the motorcycle Kadir Castmetas (15) and Samet Yilmaz, thrown. He was seriously injured and died at the scene.

After the funerals, police teams and prosecutor's examinations, Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine Research and Application Hospital was removed from the morgue. The relatives of Kadir Dökmetaş who came to the scene were taken to the hospital after suffering illness.

After the incident, drivers Servet Varol and Abdullah Öniz were detained. After waiting at the scene for about an hour, the passenger train departed for Ankara by other drivers who came to the scene.

The level crossing, which was closed to the train crossing for a while, was opened to the train crossing after the funerals and the removal of the motorcycle. After Dökmetaş and Yılmaz had the fault in the motorcycle repaired Karşıyaka It was stated that they went to their house in the neighborhood.

It was reported that the level crossing was closed to vehicle traffic for a year due to the renovation in the Historic Broken Bridge.

An investigation into the accident has begun.




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