Metro Good News from President Erdoğan to People of Konya

subway station
subway station

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the opening ceremony of the total investment of 1 billion XnUMX million pounds including the investments of Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

"Hz. Mevlana come not to go if he says come, '' he said President Erdogan, Konya, the hand did not come empty. Erdogan, said: “The total investment cost 1 billion 464 million pounds 99 work of the mass opening of the work today. As you know, we have announced the second 100 daily targets of our government last week. One of them is the introduction of Konya High Speed ​​Train Station. The other one was the auction of the light rail system between Necmettin Erbakan University and Meram Municipality. Our new gar building is in service soon. I hope the High Speed ​​Train journey between Ankara and Konya will be more comfortable and comfortable. I know the importance of Konya, about 22 kilometer Necmettin Erbakan University - Meram Municipality light rail system I will follow the completion of a moment. 2 of this project. We are waiting for the preparation of the Selcuk University-Meram Municipality Line which will be completed in a short time. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will make the lines of our light rail system and the Metropolitan Municipality will provide the tools to work here. The work in the first phase of the Environmental Road construction, which I know its importance for our city, continues gradually. As we have seen, our municipalities and district municipalities on the one hand and our ministries are working for Konya. Görül

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay emphasized that Konya has a special place in the hearts of President Erdoğan and said l You have come to our city every time with new heralds and investments. The Konyans have always embraced you. You have realized the dreams of our city. Our Konya; High Speed ​​Train, Blue Tunnel, new universities, Science Center, the new stadium, the new ring road, city hospital, High Speed ​​Train Station, Logistics Center, National Garden, Millet Kıraathanelerine reached with your support. I would like to thank Mr. President for all these investments. Bütün

In the 2 100 Daily Action Plan announced by President Erdoğan, Mr. Altay thanked the President of the Republic of Konya for the Konya Metro tender which is very important for Konya and the President of the Republic of Turkey for the High Speed ​​Train Station. We are working hard for you. Under the leadership of you with the principle of Gonul Belediyeciliği day and night, summer, we are constantly meeting with our fellow citizens, we are doing consultations. Konya, which is a capital in the past and constantly evolving, with these investments, will maintain the unity and solidarity will walk confidently to the future and will continue to be the shining star of our country. Gelişen



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