CHP Tanrıkulu, YHT asked the Assembly for the people responsible for disaster

chpli tanrikulu yht wanted a parliamentary investigation for those responsible for the disaster
chpli tanrikulu yht wanted a parliamentary investigation for those responsible for the disaster

Republican People's Party (CHP) Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkılu, with the signature of the CHP deputy 26 13 in December 9 lost the life of the Ankara-Konya high-speed train (YHT) trauma in the occurrence of the disaster and the determination of the responsibility of the Assembly asked for a parliamentary survey.

Transport and Infrastructure Ministry to take the necessary measures, negligence and failure as a result of the justification of the proposal research noted that experiencing such tragedy in Turkey, especially since 2002 came to the AKP government was underlined that experienced many train disaster.


The rationale continued as follows: u The investigations carried out after the train accidents did not give any results to satisfy the public at the points of realization of the necessary measures and the realization of the necessary measures in order to avoid new accidents after the accident. In this respect, the record of political power is extremely negative. Bu


According to the data of TUIK 2004 2017 256 2 328 people lost their lives as a result of accidents caused by accidents, XNUMX thousand XNUMX people were injured in the accident.


The reason of the proposal, especially in the 2004 Sakarya Pamukova and many people died in a tragedy tragedy tragedy tragedy in 2018 Tekirdag Çorlu tragedy of public administration in the public as a result of the tragedy in the administration said. Çorlu train disaster is realized as a result of negligence in the grounds, "the railway line inspection and maintenance work" to private companies "and the reduction of the number of personnel working within the TCDD significantly reduce the number, the quality and control of filling materials due to the problems of train accidents occur" said.


9 the person who died in the cause of allegations of the tragedy of the tragedy in the cause of omissions, "TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Chairman of the Sincan-Ankara line yet signalization is not available. It was under construction. Even the winners were communicating with each other by radio or cell phone. The reason for the accident is probably in this' description. These explanations and the way the accident is formed reveal the existence of a chain of negligence li. (Source: the mezopotamyaajans)

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