Tülomsaş 2023e 1 to Carry Billion Euro

Tülomsaş 2023e 1 to Carry Billion Euro
118 with years of experience and knowledge to meet the needs of our country rail-drawn vehicles attracting Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) draws attention with its contributions to the country's economy and employment.
In the first six months of 2012, with the R & D activities, TÜLOMSAŞ provides employment of approximately 3 thousand 100 people in a year. Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. Hayri Avcı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that they continue their activities in the development and modernization of the sector in the foreign markets, which are aimed at the development of the railway production sector in our country as well as in the railway network such as Iraq, Iran and Thailand and their fleet.
In TÜLOMSAŞ of rail vehicles, such as what areas have contributed to Turkey? What is the importance of rail transport in Turkey?
TÜLOMSAŞ's rationale and mission was to meet all locomotive and freight wagon needs of the General Directorate of TCDD Plant and to carry out new manufacturing, maintenance and revisions of these vehicles. Until 2003, it was aimed only to meet the needs of TCDD, but after 2003, studies were initiated to be effective in national and international markets. For this purpose, our company, which is a public institution, has been prepared and announced the vision of TÜLOMSAŞ for 2015 and 2023, and today's advanced management systems and production models have been implemented. In this context; management with targets, performance and process management, within the scope of quality management; In addition to its ISO 9001 system, certification of ISO 2008 in 14001 and OHSAS 2008 in 18001 was completed. By applying innovation methods in improvement and development activities, each activity was monitored and evaluated with statistical process control methodology.
With the TULOMSAS Development Program, production, marketing, procurement, human resources and material procurement policies have been identified and announced throughout the company with various communication methods and we have completed the stage of informing the personnel through trainings.
Since its establishment, TÜLOMSAŞ, which has been the center of production, maintenance, repair and revision of the main lines and maneuvering locomotives of our country as well as various types of freight wagons and sub-components of these products, continues its activities to fulfill this mission at the highest level. Besides this mission; We are also actively working in the scope of the construction of railway sub-industry and rail systems cluster, the establishment of railway vehicles test center, the production of new generation locomotives with domestic contribution, the service of the freight companies of the logistics companies, the national locomotive project and the modernization of the tram vehicles.
How do you evaluate the company's position in Turkey? What do you see as the source of your success?
118 is a large industrial enterprise that meets the needs of our country's railroad pulling vehicles with its experience and know-how accumulated over the years. Our company has reached a proud point as a public institution with its contributions to our country's economy and employment. Our goal is to reach the vision of 2015-2023 is a TÜLOMSAŞ which increases our economic parameters in a positive way. We can say that the modern management methods and models that we have applied in the last five years have been effective in the continuity of TÜLOMSAŞ, which is the sectoral building block of our country.
Based on our company's 2023 vision, we take the modern production and management systems as their base. We carry out joint production projects with the world's leading companies, and attach importance to product and system certifications. By using information technologies effectively, we attach importance to production at international quality level. In this regard, we pay attention to the participation of employees, internal and external customer satisfaction issues.
First, steps were taken for the sectoral basis for performance. These sectors are determined as locomotive sector, wagon sector, diesel engine sector, traction engine sector, bogie sector, light rail systems sector.
In the sectoral structuring, we aimed to produce not only for the railway sector but also for the maritime sector, we started the production of diesel engine sets for Van Lake Ferries.
What would you like to say about R & D activities?
We are in cooperation with TÜBİTAK and universities to increase our market share in the world railway market, increase the local rate in manufacturing and develop original projects. The important projects that still continue within the scope of the original projects are the Electric Locomotive Project, The Lightened Wagon Project, the High Speed ​​Train Project.
As TÜLOMSAŞ, we take an active role in the rail system cluster in Eskişehir. Under the leadership of TÜLOMSAŞ, a railway cluster was established with ESO, Anadolu University, Osmangazi University, ABİGEM, Sangem and our suppliers. We aim to improve the rail side industry in Eskişehir and the neighboring region, to contribute to the product presentation of our suppliers in international quality standards, to increase employment in the railway sector, to develop qualified personnel training programs, to share information, to provide common ideas and common benefits.
We have increased the production, maintenance, repair and overhaul orders of the locomotive and freight wagons at the highest level and increased the amount of resources transferred to the supplier industry under the railway supplier development programs; we have contributed both to employment and supply of products in desired time and quantity with the works done to the suppliers for assembly-weighted production.
In order to develop the production sector of railway vehicles in our country, we have focused on the cluster model which is a model supported by the European Union and we have also concentrated on the production of parts. In accordance with the production management system we are implementing in the transition from parts manufacturing to assembly-weighted product; Our Infrastructure Development Program, which aims to provide labor-intensive works from the sub-industry, was commissioned and the contribution of the sub-industry was realized as 55 in the manufacturing of locomotives and 80 in the manufacture of wagons.
In our sectors such as Electrical / Electronic, Casting and Welding Construction, our sub-industries have been continuously supported and our 2012 thousand 3 people have been employed in our private works as of the end of the first six months of 100 year.
When did your export work begin? Which countries do we export most? What do you export?
We export our products to USA, Iraq, Iran, Thailand and France. The products we export are locomotive, locomotive spare parts, diesel engine, traction motor and parts.
Can you give information about your sectoral activities in domestic and overseas markets?
Electric locomotive in the locomotive industry; The first locomotive produced by TÜLOMSAŞ-GE Joint Co-operation is being launched in September in Berlin at the International Railway Fair. The locomotives that will be produced in cooperation with TÜLOMSAŞ-ROTEM in Electric Locomotive will take place in domestic and international markets since 2013.
In the wagon sector, we fully meet customer requests regarding freight wagons. The freight wagons that are required by the logistics companies are produced by our company since 2007. TULOMSAS meets the needs of freight wagons such as various types of tarpaulins, containers, sliding walls, ore, cisterns and cereals. In order to meet market demands, we continue our new type and domestic design wagon works as Car Transport Wagon, Magnesite Transport Wagon and Ballast Wagon.
Diesel engine sector TÜLOMSAŞ brand diesel engines have been successfully used for the use of ships and type approval certificate has been obtained. In this context, we started to produce Marine Motor for Van Lake Ferries. We are manufacturing engine parts for Thailand and France. We will also produce the traction engines of Marmaray vehicles and in the scope of indigenization, TCDD will be manufactured for the engine of DE 33000 locomotives.
We also meet the tram modernization and modification needs of the municipalities. 15 tramway modernization was made for Gaziantep Municipality and ten more will be made.
What is the level of development of the countries you export? How large are your contributions to railway networks and infrastructure works of these countries?
Countries that we export to include countries such as Iraq, Iran, Thailand and other countries that aim to strengthen the railway network and fleet. We are aiming to provide our railway vehicles that we are producing in our own countries, to provide guarantee and spare parts services and to create advantages for both our country and the mentioned countries. Trade with developed countries such as the USA, France and the UK are important developments in the recognition of our brand in the world.
What is the level of technological development in your wagons? Which institutions do you cooperate with?
We produce freight wagons according to European standards. We also prepare projects to meet the needs of other private sector logistics companies, especially TCDD. Our company dominates the market with its high quality and competitive cost approach. As the type of manufacturing of wagons sector, it can be considered as the most suitable products for the industrial infrastructure of our country. For this reason, TÜLOMSAŞ is an important production center in meeting the needs of freight wagons in the national and international markets.
Nowadays, the freight wagons in the manufacturing process have reached the percentage of 90. Our company, which meets the changing demands of the market, forms a common solution model with the sub-industries and universities in the design and testing of freight wagons. The sector is now on the market as a product that can be easily manufactured and manufactured on the basis of both product and equipment.
Under the leadership of TÜLOMSAŞ, all of the national freight wagon needs are met by domestic production. In line with our determined vision, the activities we planned and implemented, as well as providing appropriate solutions to domestic and international markets, commissioning modern production and management models, employee participation and close monitoring of sectoral developments are the results of our works.
What are the expectations of TÜLOMSAŞ in the upcoming period? What do you think about 2023 vision is your expectations in export?
Our company will produce locomotives with advanced technology by making strategic partnership with major locomotive manufacturers. For example; We have signed strategic partnership agreements with the American General Electric company for the production of new generation and environmentally friendly diesel electric locomotives, Hyundai Rotem of South Korea.
Our works for the use of diesel engines in marine sector, traction motor production and tram production have been completed. It was also launched in our works for the production of high-speed trains. In parallel with the 2023 vision, the necessary infrastructure has been completed and we have begun to implement our projects.
The fact that we have achieved the targets we have set for the 2023 vision last year showed the accuracy of the decisions we have taken and the methods we have applied, and our sales figure increased by 12 by the previous year.

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